Baofeng DM-X DMR

sir can post it again the firmware’

One of this uploader and firmware works for me well:

Flash (upload firmware) 1702_02_v22 with MD-1.0.78-healed or 1702_v02.02.022 with MD-1.0.66-extra.

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The CPS was never able to download the recordings. But it should be able to communicate using standard micro USB cable.

If you wish to download the recordings and are familiar with Python (preferably on Linux), you can use my tool ( md1702-rec) which is linked earlier in this thread. But the recordings are stored in native DMR codec format, so you would need to build and use my patched version of DSD to decode them (the official one unfortunately does not).

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The link and some information is mentioned in post #108, but please note one thing - the communication is really slow (by design of the communication protocol). To read all 16 MiB of the flash memory will take over an hour. So based on the amount of recordings, it may take several minutes or more to download them.

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It’s trivial to translate the Chinese parts of the UI in lang_en.lng and replace in the Data directory but since I’ve already done it I might as well share. Unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily make it any more clear :slight_smile:

My radio came with the 2.2.22 firmware and I’m almost done reversing the channel portion of the codeplug data. Maybe we can combine our work and create a new and open-source CPS.

2 things I kind of hate about this radio: 1) the volume control (it’s out of control :P) and 2) the mic gain.

I think I may need to do a hardware mod to tame the volume and I’ve tried the MIC settings in CPS it seems -12 is the loudest but it’s still too quiet in my opinion.

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Well, nice you transtlate this. Question: if 1846 is a crystal - mmdvm boards (pistar hotspots) have “14.7456 MHz TCXO” and “12.288 MHz TCXO” values (for data speed %) . What should be the right value here?

And i thing your battery value (in the left side) is wrong. Must be 4 digits!

Why overall “127” values??? Your low/high power is dangerous…
“255” is for “not available/nothing here”. I think should remains “255”.

This are just the default values used by the MD software, not values from my radio. I think you’re focused on the wrong part of the picture :slight_smile:


What do you mean by editing frequencies :confused:? In CPS software, there are the individual channels and VFO A/B settings (but VFO only works in frequency mode, if you enable display of channel names, it won’t let you switch to VFOs by holding the “Back” top right key which works in frequency display mode). In radio, editing frequencies of existing channel is possible by Menu -> Settings -> Program Radio -> TX/RX frequency unless you disable this menu in CPS.

Yes, i will switch and try the “frequency mode” to find vfo’s again. I have many digital TG’s and all in the same hotspot’s frequency. Without names can’t help me much in that radio.

2: “editing frequencies of existing channel is possible by…” Isn’t working to edit existing channel, neither here or other radio’s.

3: The “back/cancel” button doesn’t work in a conversation if you want to go in menu till voices ends.
(NEW!!! Works with arrows up/down) !!!

Can’t understand this limit. Not to write news is bad (you and i won’t get new info’s, right?)…
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Well guys, this settings works for me in dm-x.
Do not go high, 180 is a good limit. Save battery and shut sometimes gps off.
Other values are to low and higher than 180 are useless. (Had a buffer overflow every 10 secs to Brandmeister/ipsc2/other - with simplex MMDVM/one TG and no revert channel…)
Keep both 180/180, no lower, no higher - you can be safe without the “10 minutes limit” in “selfcare” BM.

Concerning point 2 - do you have the menu enabled in CPS General Settings -> Menu?

Best is usually to have everything enabled

Hi people
you can edit manually
you just create two test channels
where you can make changes through the radio

could anyone help to factory reset my baofeng md-1702

Could you tell me how you set up the software for the usb printer? Mine also comes up as a printer, I have read everything on the web about this issue, I have installed countless drivers, it simply won’t install as a com port like the other DMR radios I have owned, I am being to think I made a mistake buying this radio.

What exactly do you want to reset to factory?

what are your connection problems?
the radio is very good

You should ask seller for refund. Back to factory… Or wait for a better software/firmware upgrade. Maibe in 2035.

Hello Frends
Chinese friends released a new version
radio stations DM-760

Very nice chinese put on sale always newer radios before resolve bugs in software.

Hi pm_cz,

In my programming software, i dont have the APRS menu. MD(External) Radio Program Software 1.00.66

I am strugling to have my GPS to pass through APRS.FI

I wonder in PARAMETER Child Window, under BASIC group, what is your DATA TRANSMIT SERVER was set? MOTO IP or HYTERA DEFINED DATA?

The parameter was kept on MOTO IP. However, I can’t tell you if it will be fully working with 1.0.66 and your firmware version, since you did not specify it. If it is old .14, than probably not, if it is .19, it might.

Is the repeater using BrandMeister network and did you set the Chinese radio?