Baofeng DM-X DMR

Hello. Would you specify where the APRC setup is in the radio? I have a hotspot that is registered in a brandmeister. Thanks :grinning:

I made the mistake of buying a dm 1702.
Looking for latest firmware and cps for it.
Also has anyone be able to import dmr database for contacts?

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current firmware is on the site
see the correspondence above

correspondence began actively
Odd but eventually began to subside
who has any news
how does a radio station work
what functions work
Let’s continue this topic.
very interesting topic

Hello. Perhaps because of the lack of popularity of radio and its capabilities does not develop the subject. Personally, I am pleased with what she offers. Digital and analog-works very well. There are possibilities in it, but something seems to be cut. I want to unlock the middle band, but I do not know how. Hope to find out how it works. :grinning:

for people who complain there is not enough progress, I have some good and some bad news. I made some progress reading/writing data (including logos, audio recordings, voice and Chinese font) in Linux, and created something similar to md380-dfu. Plus I made a converter to make it possible to convert logo graphics to png and back. The results are in

But for the recordings, you will also need a patched variant of dsd to decode the recording files, see in the repository.

If you wish to, you may try them, they should work both with python 2 and 3, run the scripts without parameters to show help.

But the bad news is, I am not able to work with the codeplug, just back it up and restore later, not use the .data files. Plus the description is very basic, for Linux users with experience. I left for holiday, so I probably won’t be able to change it for a week or so.


Could be because it is a DMX not DMR-X??
But also it is really a 1702B with a custom front panel & a snazzy name

Does anyone know how to get it display channel names (Aliases in the software)
instead of just frequencies?
Am I missing a tick box in the software?

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Is that a 16MB megabyte memory for recordings?
I’ve had mine set up to record my local repeater and although i’ve hear chatter, nothing seems to have been recorded

the Channel names can be set by setting Frequency/Channel Mode to Channel in Parameter (General settings) in CPS, but not directly on the device

Part of the 16MB memory (around 14 MiB) is used for the recordings. But unlike some other radios, only digital communication (DMR) is recorded. Local repeater chatter (analogue) is not recorded.

Thank you SO much, i knew it had to be there somewhere but i couldn’t find it, you took me straight to it, thanks again.
Am I correct in thinking there is no way to switch between memory/VFO mode with these?
Is it simply one or the other? I know some Baofengs you hold a button down at boot, but i haven’t found that with this.
Wow just 14Mb for recording eh? So much for the 1GB some sellers claim…

Yes, you are right, it is mentioned earlier in this discussion. If you switch to Channel mode, you are not able to switch to VFO by holding the back button. It is the same with other radios, but in them, you can switch the modes in device menu, unfortunately not with this one (at least yet).

If you count the 3600 b/s the codec uses, you get correct time of the recordings which it advertised (~7-9h). Sorry, no memory card, I have mentioned it in the forum earlier, the sellers give inaccurate information.

Many thanks for the info, shame you cannot switch between the two but I guess you can cover it by programming more memories instead of vfo.
And I guess there’s no reason for 1GB of memory when you can squeeze 7+ hours of recording into 14mb.
The main thing for me is being able display channel names for DMR, i can get busy now programming.
Thanks again.

Hi, adding channels is one of the sore points of the radio, as the CPS cannot load/save them in CSV format. I have the memory map of a channel record worked out, but did not have any time to write the import utility as of yet. And once the vacation ends, I will be too busy to play with it, so I hope to finish it soonish before it’s too late to play with it.

greetings to all
can make a full video
overview of this radio station

Just I would like to supported versions of software and firmware
it would be very good

At the moment I stopped in the study of functions
did set up the radio and it works with the functionality that is
it works well

I welcome everyone
Guys I found the function of switching the VFO
but she is not in the radio station
it is not displayed in the radio station and cannot be activated because of this

Thanks for that, yes it seems to be Mem OR VFO and no way to switch on radio.
Not a huge problem I guess, but would be nice if you could select via a button.

Apologies, this site will only let me post 3 times, unless i edit an earlier reply

Has anyone succeeded in Importing contacts?
When I click on import nothing happens, and if i click on Export, it tries to save as Excel CSV file…then crashes the program.

The frequency radio configure setting is for enabling the menu which allows changing frequency of existing channel stored in radio, not for switching Ch/Freq. mode.

I have imported contacts using their Excel template, but I have MS Office installed and it is probably needed (or its redistributable libraries?) for the import/export of the contacts. I do not understand why they simply don’t use CSV instead…

Importing / exporting contacts to the Open Office does not work either. You may need a specific tuning of Open Office and MS Office

I welcome everyone
is it only for linux?
with Windows
will not work
Can I edit the firmware settings?

please tell me
can anyone have the program code
so that you can modify it
and maintain the functionality of the radio station