Baofeng DM-X DMR


I just bought an Boafeng DMR radio Mod. DM-X.
I was searching software and a better manual on Baoufeng and Baufengtech site and didn?t found any information about this model. :confused:
I supose that software should be DMR-6X2 but no confirmation. :confused:

Anybody know why this model is not part of Boafeng radio lists?

I’m starting think that I made a big mistake when I chose to buy the radio. :angry:

Any help would be appriciated.


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I bought this radio not long ago and I was also looking for software. The only matching software is from DM-1702. You can download them from here:
You can program through the microUSB cable.:slight_smile:


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“”“You can program through the microUSB cable.”""

Do you mean the small microUSB on the right side just bellow the two pins of external microphone?

And which driver do you use?

Thanks for your answer.

PS _ I received the information from the factory that DM-X is the same radio than DM-1702.


Yes, this microusb and the audio programming cable work the same.
My windows 10 detected the device as “universal printer usb” :slight_smile: and it works. It reads and writes to the radio.
Once set, it works well on the DMR repeater. I have a problem with the APRS setting and GPS is looking for a satellite for a long time.

Dear 161wt001
It very nice to have someone that could share information on same radio.:slight_smile:
This information is amazing. I did’ t readed in any manual about this possibility.
This is a very recent radio so there isn?t to much people with it.

I have a information about radio that probably will desapoint you.
In my radio when I was testing the external microphone I broke one pin of the connector and it stay inside of radio. :mad:

So I decided to open the radio to take it out. (Of course I lose the warranty but happened and I decided take a risk).:(:frowning:
When I looked to the electronic circuits I could see that they do this radios with less possible material.
You don.t have any dissipation on final RF transistor. No shields, etc.
So, it is cheap but don?t expect to much of it.
I can confirm that the radio is one version of DM-1702.
It is writed in the main board:

  • DM-1702-B KEY V1.1GPS 180903
    I took a picture of that and I could send you if you interested.
    For the last I can share with you the user manual of DM-1702 sent to me by the factory. Is a bit diferent of one that came inside the box of DM-X.

Thank you to much by your input on this subject.


I think that radio is good how first DMR radio and have low price. On first fun with dmr give many satysfaction. If you can shared better manual to the radio, and photos mainboard , it’s i will be happy:).

Hi Wojtek

Yes, for the first DMR radio it?s Ok.

Here you have the link to the fotos and a user manual of DM-1702

Have a nice weekend.

PS - I?m in Portugal near Lisbon, and you?

I add another folder DM-1702
It contain only chinese documentation. It will be good if they has all that documents in english :frowning:

Thank You for shared files. I already Downloaded.
I’m from Poland from Bydgoszcz City.
My callsign its SP2GPS.


Hi Wojtek

I bilieve that I will open the radio once again. I will put an heatsink on final transistor.
I?m not convinced that transistor will support longs QSOs without burnning.:rolleyes:
When I open the radio I will take more pictures of it.:cool:

Now I would like to ask if you could share with me the configuration file of your radio.
I?m getting some dificulties on setup it.:rolleyes:
There is a lot of CPS programs to configure the DMR radios of differents brands but they are not compatible with Baofeng DM-1702.

Have a nice day.
Arnaldo CT1DGC

Hi Arnaldo
Can I send source file on your e-mail , who is on your website?


Yes, please. :o
or :D:D

Thank you.

Hi there!

I was wondering if it is possible to program the radio with the TYT MD UV380 GPS Software?
The Baofeng Dm X and the TYT MD UV380GPS seem to be the exact same radio so would it be possible to programm it through the TyT Software?

Thank you in advance for your help

That would be nice but… I don?t believe on it :mad:


I downloaded the software for the DM-1702. I read earlier in this thread that it’s also for the DM-X.
Problem is, my computer doesn’t run the installer! The file is loaded to memory, but not executed. (0% cpu/network/disk usage).

Can someone give me the file names and sizes of the installed program? Then I can unpack the files manually, and rename them to the proper file names. That should do the trick…

Nevermind. After trying some W10 computers, I installed it on my W2003 server without problems.
It seems to work portable without any problems. Once installed I can run it from a network drive and it seems to work fine. (Just in case anyone else has the same problem :smiley: )

Can somebody help me?
After using the programming software the radio will no longer switch between Channel Mode and Frequency Mode.

When I bought the radio with a long press on the “Back” Button the radio would switch between Channel mode and Frequency mode. After setting up the radio with the software this is no longer possible. Does someone else have this problem and a solution for it?

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@Tardigrada: Concerning the channel/frequency mode - I encountered the same problem after setting in Parameter general settings the channel mode (displaying channel name in radio). After setting the frequency mode, I was able to switch back to VFO again, but the channel names are of course not displayed, just frequencies.

Additional information to everybody: there seems to be a newer version of firmware available at (link removed after discussion with forum admin, please refer later post for a copy on my gdrive).

To switch the device to firmware upgrade mode, I found out by experimenting it must be turned on when pressing # at the same time (the display stays black and programming is possible using CPS tools menu). There seems to be addition of APRS into radio settings, GPS display contains more information (elevation, sats, speed, …), but some Chinese font characters seem to be missing (black squares are drawn instead). Also, the graphical boot logo is just a white screen and elevation of GPS is calculated/displayed wrong in the GPS overview screen.

I was able to extract the factory firmware (1702.02.v014) without bootloader (and flash it back) and I am 95% sure it is correct and OK, so if somebody needs it I can post it here.

As additional information, powering on the radio with bottom side key (down) pressed shows password prompt which when correct password is entered displays Chinese factory calibration menu allowing to change offsets, output power and some other things (as it transmits on non-free frequencies in some submenus, and changing some settings may make the radio unusable, I will not include the password here but for those who need it, it is visible as plain text string in linked firmware, starting with 6666).

Dear, looking online I met with you in the conversation about the DM-X. I came yesterday and tried to connect to the computer through the programming cable and the microusb and nothing. The program MD (External) Setup v1.00.66 is executed in.exe, but it throws me an error “could not initialize COM, error 0”. Those who have been able to program as they have done? I have windows 10. Slds and thank you very much.

Hello Laopux,
I think somebody mentioned earlier the same problem and the solution was to copy the extracted installation from elsewhere (e.g. to default C:\Program Files\MD). I am attaching a link to ZIP file with my backed up installation, you may try it.

Just in case, I have also uploaded the ZIP to VirusTotal and it reads clean.

For others, there is an extra CPS2_extra_menus.exe, with restored missing menus which allows to modify some other hidden settings, but it requires passwords (for test/online test menus it is the same 8-digit password starting with 6666 as in the radio when powered with side down button, for Embedded menu, it is 6 numbers starting 374, both can be found as string in CPS.EXE file). It can be used to fix missing Chinese fonts (+voice) in 2.2.019 FW through embedded menu - they are stored in flash but their offsets have changed, that is why they were broken there - but for the Power on picture extracted from older firmware (On2) it does not seem to help and the screen is still blank during startup.

Hello. I read everything with interest. I bought Baofeng DM-1702 from aliexpress.
When I tried with a combination, PTT + PK1 requested a password. I see it is 8 digits. I understand it starts with 6666 but hidden menu is still locked. How to read “CPS2_extra_menus” password? Thank you.