Radio choice

Which radio to buy??
I work in a brick two story building inwhich the radio would be used both inside and outside. I need a radio that will stay with me without falling off my belt or pocket when I’m mowing our 8 acres. It needs to be somewhat grass proof/dust proof and have pretty good battery life, at least all day before recharging. Any ideas. I’m looking at the Midland GXT-850 VP4 or the Motorola T9550XLR…are these good choices?? Thanks for any help

Either of those models should suit your needs, range-wise. You may want to look over jwilkers’ Motorola T9500XLR review and Midland GXT850 review to help decide between those two models.

If you need something a little more durable, you might want to look at the Motorola XTN XU1100.


Bought the 9500. They are terrible. Can’t understand the other person at all.

That’s very unusual, the T9500’s typically have very good voice clarity. It’s typical to have transmissions become more garbled as you approach the edges of your range. Try them at various distances to see if the problem goes away at closer range. If not, then you may have a defective set.