What radios do you use?

I have one, the yaesu 7800 with a little inexpensive thru-window whip. It works well, but not superb. The thing I like about it is that it doesn’t catch your eye and advertise that the truck has a radio in it. I have a scanner antenna on the other side of the windshield and it looks just like it.

Overall I’m happy with this radio. I program it using the computer which is much easier than the buttons on the radio. It can hold like 1000 repeater channels, ridiculous! LOL I only have about 50 programmed in.

So what rig or rigs do you have, and do you like them?

I’m using a Kenwood TM-261 feeding a 160 Watt Mirage amp to a collinear 5/8 on 2M, a Radio Shack HTX-10 feeding a Crossbow vert. on 10M, and a Cobra 29 WX ST NS with a Turner +3B power desk mic. on 11M. The crossbow does double duty on 10/11M.

I get regular reports of strong sig and modulation/deviation from a lot of stations as far as 80 miles away. I am at 2900 feet.

EDIT: Just got a Magnum 257 (Amber face, 30W PEP) to replace the HTX-10 and my Cobra CB. Yeah, I know it’s not type accepted for 11 Meters. :wink:

Also, I recently got a Solarcon A-99 to replace the Crossbow. It works better.

I recently put my Kenwood TM-G707 feeding a Comet 5/8 mag-mount in my car, so now I’m mobile, too… :slight_smile:

Looking for a suitable HF kit radio.

IC-2200h mobile, IC-2100h Mobile/base


Alinco DJ 160 HT, 2 Mobile CB radios that havbe been converted to 10 meter use, one SSB and one FM capable.

Yaesu VX-7R portable with a 2mtr amp and a mag-mount antenna, soon to probably be replaced with a real antenna

curious what kind of thru-window antenna you have yaesuuser? I bought a Workman WEP2000 (they have no website, search ebay) and was gonna use that…

Also have a Yaesu 7800 which needs some new diodes and then will be good to go… seems like it’d be a nice little rig if it wasn’t deaf (by around 48dB) on 2 meters (which the replacement diodes will hopefully fix)

Might at some point get an Icom IC-2820 and a second antenna (real diversity receive!) but not so sure I want to spend ~$600 on a radio in this economy…

I don’t know what kind of antenna it is, I do know that I got it off Ebay! :smiley: I can take a picture of it for you, it’s a dual band, just like my radio. My radio isn’t deaf at all, it works great so I know it will work fine once you get it up and running normally.

Yeah I think your antenna is pretty similar to mine, which is about the same as the other 329589483945 dual band through-glass ham antennas on ebay :slight_smile: I assume it’s about 28" long, pretty flexible especially at the coil? I’ve seen a lot of em…

Deafness is definitely due to my radio; it has a few bad diodes in the 2m signal path, damage not defect. But it was cheap on ebay! :smiley: Works great on 440 tho and hopefully will be good on 2m if the diodes will ever arrive…

All I have now is a Yaesu VX-7R and a Puxing 777. I also have Trisquare and Motorola FRS/GMRS.

I’m using BaoFeng UV-5R with SP./MIC 2M/70CM Dual-Band and 136-174/400-480MHz FM. Not bad actually.
It seems that many people got their radios from eBay.
Where do you get your radio?

I Have a Baofeng UV5RE that I got to have the flexibility to use a lot of bands and do some scanning. It was cheap and versitile. Plus I made an antenna for it that I an take hunting and mount nice and high to set up a mobile base, mostly at the cabin.

I have a Garmin 650 radio Gps and that is a disappointment the maps are expensive and ******. I haven’t had a chance to try the radio much, yet, but my brother has one and we will meet up in October to hunt and see how they work.

I have a Cobra sideband and CB radio that I occasionally use in the Pickup. I used it more when I used to convoy around with a buddy on weekends windsurfing.

I also have Marine band mobile in my boat and a handheld I use in my Kayak.

I also have an old DX 390 radio shack scanner radio, oh, and another handheld CB.

The funny thing about all this is last week I thought I was just getting interested in radios and bought the Garmin and Baofeng and then I started looking around and realized all I need now is a ham license and I’m 100% in.

You’ve got a lot of equipment! I just got my own ham license a couple of weeks ago (KK4PIL) and have been playing around with a Baofeng UV-5R. It’s a great little radio, especially considering the price! What kind of antenna did you make?

I generally agree with you on the Garmin Rino 650. They’re pretty nice GMRS radios, but definitely overpriced if all you need is a radio. It is nice that you can see other people in your group’s actually location on a map, but if you don’t need this feature (or if you’re the only one that will have a Rino) then I don’t think it’s worth the cost.

Does any one heared about baofeng GT-3?

Does anyone heared about baofeng GT-3?:cool:

Yes. New model. Not a lot of information out yet. Sturdier case, a different chipset.

Yes, the seller in eBay says the chips be upgraded, but i can not sure that. Someone said it is not true,just the baofeng uv-5r with different package.
I am so confused, anyway i like the appearance of GT-3, it looks more fashion than uv-5r, but the function need to be test.

Well, sooner or later, someone will get one and post a review. There has been some chatter about them on other forums; but nothing really in depth yet. They just hit the market, so we need to see what people discover.

eBay seller always so smart,aha!
If they can provide free, I am glad to have a try…:smiley:

I ordered one :slight_smile: Also, I created a Yahoo group :slight_smile: It looks like a US based engineering firm, in collaboration with Baofeng, developed this radio.

We will see, once mine gets here.

Sounds like embark on an adventurous journey to the magical world of Baofeng :smiley:

Hi buddy, How can I join in your US based engineering firm

I have a multitude of transceivers at my disposal.

A couple of Yaesu FT 8900R’s - JUNK, Do Not Buy!

A old Alinco dual band mobile.

A old ADI mobile 145

A old Kenwood 2 meter mobile and a Kenwood TS 590S

You can’t do much with a walkietalkie and you can’t learn much with just a handheld radio.