TYT MD-9600 Programming

I have been unsuccessful with programming this radio with the CPS Software. I can program it from the Front Panel/MIC but the CPS software says it programs successfully but the data does not show up in the Radio. Anyone else having this problem… I just received this radio yesterday

I am having the same problem, I have tried several different computers, load several variations of usb drivers, but radio shows the zone name only, but no channels loaded

We’ve been working with TYT on a fix to the issue and are preparing it for release. I will update this thread as soon as it is tested and ready.

Thank you for your help

Update: Here are the instructions for the firmware update. It should resolve the issue.
TYT MD-9600 Firmware Update Available

I am also noticing that while the radio can be read reasonably quickly, programming the radio with a mix of analog and digital channels (~250) takes upwards of a couple of minutes.

Anyone else seeing this slowness in loading new programming? Thanks,

— Jim

The MD-9600 behaves similarly to the 2017, in that it reads quickly, but writes relatively slowly. I’m watching this forum closely, as I will probably be supporting both 2017s and 9600s.

I just programmed mine and it took just over a minute

I just purchased a MD-9600 am trying to find out what software version I have. Radio shows D004.003. Do I need to load the new 3.29 upgrade?

Hi, if your radio shows D004.003, chances are you have the latest firmware upgrade, which is now 4.03.

I just bought a second MD 9600, because my first one seems to have gone brain dead. (I was distracted while building a code plug, and hit “write to radio”. Before it finished, I hit “cancel.” From there, it’s brain dead. Will not accept a code plug. CPS will not identify radio. Nothing. that’s the first radio)

New radio: Firmware version: D005.005. CP Version: V01.12.

It will not accept a code plug.
When I open the CPS, open a code plug, hit “Write” “OK” it shows that it is writing, then shows “Write successful”

The code plug contains one Analog frequency: 146.520
The rest of it is set up for use with my Nano Node.
BUT, all that shows on the screen of the radio is: Shows indication of Analog, “Sample” and “Unprogrammed”.

What theheck is up with these bloody radios???

If there is nothing in the “B” band it will display unprogrammed. These are not the easiest thing to program. Put your zones in A simplex etc, analog in B. Well to be frank it could be either you could switch the A and B but there must be something in the other side This is a dual band in the simplest sense but it is wanky. I have yet to get the “P” buttons to work the way they should.

Having similar problems as others. Just installed 5.03 firmware. Now my Channel B shows as unprogrammed. Anyone know the fix? My channel B is analog frequencies and was working fine before. Thanks. W8BRY.

Found the solution thanks to another ham. The current CPS 6.03 released on 03/22/2018 will fix my issue listed above. Hope this may help others. 73’s. W8BRY

I have an MD9600 with firmware 6.003 and CPS 1.23. I cannot load more than
10,000 contacts. I thought this would load up to 100,000 contacts. Anyone else have the same problem?

I have the same issue with fw 6.003 and CPS v1.26.
Cant come up with a way to break past the 10,000 limit.
I’m hoping it’s a limitation of the codeplug I’m using as it probably sourced from an older version. I’m hoping someone has an existing newer Codeplug that has the 100,000 contact capability that I can basically start over with.

Hi. To activate 100,000 contacts, you need to change the part of the memory of the radio station using TYT Factory v2.18_Cus (before it can be used) and choose 144-146 / 430-440MHz), and then flash it with a new firmware (MD-9600 has version of 100.000 contacts

Please check the blue color version.

Following two are for the version of 10.000 contacts only
MD-9600 (GPS-REC) -S06.03.bin for GPS version
MD-9600 (REC) -D06.03bin for common version

Following two are for the 100,000 contacts
MD-9600 (CSV-GPS) -P06.03.bin for GPS version
MD-9600 (CSV) -V06.03.bin for common version)

New firmware MD9600-CSV-GPS-P06.09.bin released


resurrecting an older thread, didn’t see the need to start a new one.

I am liking this radio; I placed all my findings of the 9600 on my personal web page:



I started to program a MD 9600 I got a couple of weeks ago. Updated the firmware and put a code plug into it but can’t get it to import the user csv. First I got the excel error so I put excel on and that went away. Not I get “call was rejected by callee” error. I reloaded the firmware and also checked everything else I could think of with no change. Any ideas??