Testers Wanted: Free Products for Your Review


We just started carrying a new line of two way radio accessories from XLT Communications. They have surveillance earpieces, throat mic’s, earbuds, and speaker mic’s available for Motorola Talkabout, Motorola business, and Kenwood radios.

Before we picked up this line, we tested all of the products ourselves and found them to perform great. Obviously we don’t expect customers to take our word for this. We strive to be honest about our products, but there are so many dishonest resellers out there that it is unreasonable for us to expect customers to believe a reseller.

Anyway, here’s the deal. We are looking for two or three forum members who would be willing to test these products and post an honest, detailed review of each product. For each earpiece/mic, we are looking for honest feedback on: clarity, quality, durability, ease of use, and advantages/disadvantages of each product (for example, a surveillance earpiece may be very discrete, but they tend to lack the stability you can find in other earpieces).

If a member is interested, we will send them one of each accessory for the type of radio that they have and we will ask that they post a review within a couple of weeks of receiving the products. The products are yours to keep. For example if you have a Motorola Talkabout radio, you will receive the XLT throat mic, surveillance earpiece, earbud with rubber stabilizer, earbud w/ PTT, and speaker mic. This would be around $125 in products.

If you are interested, please send me a private message. I am not exactly expecting a flood of responses, but if I happen to receive more than three I will choose three users based on things like number of posts, length of time being a member, and they type of radio they are using.

Please note, we will not be sending radio’s, so you need to have either Motorola Talkabout, recent Motorola business, or Kenwood radios.

Thanks in advance!


Danny I am very interested in trying your products. I work at Gentelmans Club in IL. We currently have the TK3200 radios that work fine but we have a couple different earpieces some just cheap products, but we do have one Sentry K1 rocketscience earpiece works great! that is what made me search and find your website. We are interested in the XLT TM100-KW1 throat mic with finger ptt. I would like some input from you on this product and if they work for us the club will end up buying like 5 to 7 products.
I will try your other products just to give you feedback in our enviorment and how they held up. Please realize I do work security so well hidden is even better. thats for your time please reply back.
Thanks, Tony

I’d like to thank everyone for the response to our request for testers! We got more requests that I was expecting, and should have reviews appearing in the next couple of weeks for all three versions of the XLT accessories (Motorola Talkabout, Motorola Business, and Kenwood).

Thanks again for the great response.