Moving to Las Vegas

I am moving from Wisconsin to Nevada in June, but on the way I am going to be driving down Route 66! (or what is now I-40). My sister plans on driving her car too with us, to take a “mini-vacation” for herself too.

We are looking to get two-way radios that we can use for communication car-to-car. The requirements are: Semi-long range, and USB Cord charging capability. (Maybe hands-free would be nice). I’ve had a look at the motorola ES1000R, and am considering those.

Can anyone recommend radios that can fit those requirements?

Off topic: It seems silly to pay $50 for two radios, and pay more than that to use GMRS frequencies, at least to use for a few days. I am just going to be using these for the trip, then maybe sell them or use them in emergency.



Well, I was at best buy and I bought the EM1000R series. I was driving 3 blocks away from the other car (Not line of sight) and it works, but it was choppy.

Maybe I have the wrong channel used?

I have heard great feedback on the Motorola EM1000R. Others have reported pretty good range with these models. You may want to verify that you are in high power mode, and are on a GMRS channel. Any channel other than 8-14 should be good, as these are FRS channels and the radio will drop to low power mode automatically.