Long range 2way radios for mountains

Hi every one. Am new to this forum .neither know much about radios. I need 2way radio handheld pair to use in Himalayas mountain range. Range and battery time is priority. Thanks .

We have a number of resources and discussions that specifically address the use of two way radios in mountainous regions. Simply search the term “mountain” and you’ll find many of them. There are several factors to consider and it would be redundant to write a very long post that would just be a rehash of all the other threads on this topic, however I will make a brief list of key points to consider.

  • The rules on using radios are different for each country, so research them for your area of operation before making a purchase.
  • The type of radio does have some bearing on performance, including battery life, and there are many options available, so you will need to research them.
  • If you will be hiking in the mountains, you will want to consider durability as well. Build quality, durability and general ruggedness vary greatly depending on the make and model.
  • In mountainous regions, range will vary greatly depending on where you are. Radio frequencies work on line of sight, and mountains block radio signals. The range can be great between mountaintop to mountaintop, but will be quite limited valley to valley.
  • Handheld radios are designed for short range communications, and will have limited power.
  • Weather and environment also affect range. The weather conditions in mountainous areas can be somewhat extreme.

This search will get you started. https://www.twowayradioforum.com/search?q=mountains .

Also, we cover range in several episodes of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast. You may want to give them a listen.

This range chart may be helpful. Although created for GMRS radios, it generally applies to any type of handheld radio.

The bottom line is there is no fast and easy answer to your question. The Himalayas are home to some of the tallest peaks in the world, which is both a good and bad thing for radio communications. It’s going to depend on your specific location within the mountain range, what you will be doing, and how you plan to use the radios for your application. There is a lot to consider, and the question is too broad for a simple answer. You will need to invest some time and do some research based on specific scenarios before you buy a pair of radios.

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this is NOT something you do independently. The licensing for activity of any kind in the Himalayas is controlled by the country. There are already safety systems available to the people with permits. It’s also controlled to prevent interference to critical systems. You will only be able to use equipment permitted by their Governent. Radios systems from the US and the UK may simply be unworkable - and lets face it, proper, reliable comms is the name of the game in a region with sub-zero temperatures. it’s probably worse than trying to use low power cheap radios instead of marine band kit.

I wrote an article last week directly based on the question about choosing radios for use in mountainous areas. I went into considerably more detail, as it is a fairly common question.