Two Way Radios in the Mountains

In our latest episode of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast, we talk about using two way radios in the mountains. We’ll discuss the unique challenges when using two way radios in mountainous regions of the world, the types of radios best suited for use in these environments, and what to consider when using radios in the mountain areas of other countries.

This episode was based on a recent question posted in the forum Long range 2way radios for mountains .

TWRS-139 - Two Way Radios in the Mountains

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I’m going to have to go and listen to this one since I missed it. In college we used to take and use low power GMRS repeaters with us. On average, a 10W repeater sitting in the truck with a mag mount antenna on the roof used to be plenty to cover the average ski resort so long as they did not have a backside. Since, I’ve let my license lapse and moved to VHF itinerant frequencies. While I maintain repeater pairs and keep a VHF repeater or few around, I’ve found that nowadays VHF simplex works quite universally for my needs as it works equally well out at the deer lease in central Texas or the summer get-away in the Colorado Rockies but it’s a lot more fun in Colorado as it is interesting to see what height advantages and better operating practices can get you.