KG-UV9GX File Sharing

Hello, brand new member here and new UV9GX owner. Are there any issues with me sharing my radio program with a friend? Thank you, Paul

I can’t speak for BSR but there isn’t anything on their website about not sharing a file. You paid a premium for the pre-programmed radio. You are free to make changes to that file so I assume the file belongs to you now. I purchased the UV9G Pro version and the first thing I did when I received the unit was to make a copy of the file and saved it. I have made changes to that file and wrote it to the radio, but I still have the original version. The price difference between the Pro and Lite version was, in part, all the extra channels (frequencies) BSR compiled and then wrote to the radio. All of those pre-loaded frequencies can be found on-line from various data bases. It would take many hours to compile all of them and then many mores hours of loading the frequencies into the database. Enjoy the radio, it is a nice one.


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Thank you Sean, I greatly appreciate your input. I’ve made some custom changes and I would like to share them with a friend for him to use on his UV9GX. I didn’t know if the .kg file I read from my radio would be universally compatable with all UV9GX radios.
Take care good Sir, -Paul

If you are both using the same programming software there should be no problems.

Perfect! Thank you “Badger Poker”! Yes we are using the same Wouxun programming software. Take care -Paul