Do you have your GMRS License?

Do you have your GMRS license?

Not quite sure how to enter a poll on this board, but going to give it a try!

I don’t need one where I live.

But I am assuming that 99.9% of Americans who have these radios probably don’t have a license either.

In Canada we dont need one.

Never had one. Never will. But that being said, I don’t usually use channels that require a license when I have no need to. No sense in going looking for trouble.

I have a GRMS license for two reasons…

  1. I want to communicate on channels other than those of the FRS

  2. It’s a government requirement and I want to obey the law.

i just programme my own radios, on any frequency i want. never had a problem

Filed for one and waiting.

No. I have a ham license, but am considering adding a GMRS license so we as a family can use GMRS frequencies. Me, Wife and 3 kids, 10,7, and 2. :smiley:

I am new to 2-way, as a matter of fact I have not made a purchase yet. From all that I have learned so far, I’m convinced that a GMRS radio is the way to go. I will also have other family members using the GMRS radios, does each user have to get a GMRS license? I have gotten my FRN and am prepared to get the license. Thank you. Sparky

Hi Sparky, your GMRS license covers you and the members of your immediate family. For more information about GMRS licensing, including specifically who your license does and does not cover, listen to The Two Way Radio Show Episode 6 - GMRS Radio Licensing.

I have a GMRS license for some time now. But it seams that since the FCC started allowing FR channels and GMRS channels on the same unit, no one cares, looks like it’s going the same as the CB craze in the 70’s.

I have one for work purposes - but since you cannot work GMRS as a hobby it isn’t of much use, except to be legal to use a transceiver with more then 1 watt.

Yes, I have one. My reasoning is the same as Jaybo’s earlier reply.

YES. I have been GMRS-licensed since 1992.

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