DM-1702 bricked after firmware update

So after trying to install a different firmware, the handset now wont turn on at all – just a blank screen. I can still put it into ‘firmware update mode’ and flash different firmwares onto it, but none work for me.

The original firmware it was running was L05.01.004, but I haven’t got a copy of that to try flashing it back on there. Im using the RT72 CPS for the flashing. I’ve also removed the model number contained in the .binini file(s) to force the CPS to flash all avalible firmwares.

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to get the handset back working? I’ve tried all the firmwares that are found here - GDrive but nothings working for me, the screen never turns on after flashing :confused:

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Throw it away and get a quality radio.

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The notion of using different firmware from the one designed for a specific model is really dangerous, and wrecking radios is quite common. Firmware alternatives from supposedly similar products are a bit too risky for me. I have one of those radios but have never found any CPS that would program it. Flashing new firmware always leaves me slightly nervous.


Try removing the battery , let it sit for about 5 minutes then reinstall the battery. It my reset itself and turn back on again. Good luck.

Yeah I did give it some thought as to weather to try a different firmware. I’ve read through the huge thread HERE and decided to give it a go as it has been playing up with phantom key presses and non responsive buttons - it was (is) making it unusable.

I had hoped that maybe a hard reset would help cure the issue, but there does not seem to be a factory reset other than to re-flash the firmware. And this is the problem - my handset variant uses a firmware version (L05.01.004) that no one as yet has shared. Hence trying a different one.

If I cant get it working again I’ll not be heartbroken, as it’s a dog of a handset. Not recommend unless you can get it at a rock bottom price. But it would be nice to revive it to put it back in the radio rotation collection.

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Hi good night the my radio has a new radio problem it does not open to configure via PC wiht Micro USB and Rib 2 pins, watch the video of the problem, Baofeng DM-1702 GPS.
Baofeng DM-1702 GPS Ver Firmware L05.01.005
Radio does not open on CPS: MD-1702 V1.00.78 , V1.00.66 and OpenGD77 CPS

Please help me.

I have the same problem … did you solve it? @ IndigoTango

No unfortunately I couldn’t find the correct firmware for it, so it was sold on for parts.

I did manage to purchase another for a good price though, and the new one seems to work better for me - no more phantom keypresses or unresponsiveness.

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