Baofeng DM-X DMR

In general the passwords can be extracted by using (on Linux or in Windows subsystem for Linux): strings CPS.exe | grep 6666 Or you can open the CPS.exe in hexeditor/file viewer and search for the string, it will show you the password.

For the menu in CPS2, you do not have to boot in test mode, you can use it in normal mode after entering the password.

I have analysed parts of the firmware in the meantime and although there are some settings in CPS.exe to enable entering another DMR ID, it seems there is no support in the firmware to do so .

Hi guys…
Anyone figure out how to get the radio to work?

All I get is BS Link, BS ACT Timeout when I try an hit my repeater.
Also Does anyone know how to switch to Channel Mode???
I am a new Ham could use some Guidance.

Thank you!


I just contacted Baofeng Radio & BaofengTech and they both Deny they make the BAOFENG DMR-X :angry::angry::angry::angry:

Anyone with Ideas?? COUNTERFEIT RADIO???


Did you contact the dealer where you purchased it directly? A reputable dealer should be able to provide some information on the origin and legitimacy of the radio. Did you not receive a manual? While Baofeng isn’t known for clarity in their user manuals, there should be some clues as for whom it was actually manufactured.

A quick Google search pulled up a similar model on Radioddity. No links, as they are a competitor. My guess is that it was a model designed and manufactured specifically for a dealer such as them. If so, you will likely need to contact that dealer for help if the radio is defective.

A word of advice. Shop around first before purchasing a radio, not just for price, but for features, cross compatibility and other product comparisons, as well as service and support options should you encounter an issue.

Whether you are a new ham or old, this checklist may help when shopping for a radio.

  1. Is the dealer accessible to call or chat with a real, live person, or do they hide behind a web site with few, if any ways to contact them directly?
  2. Does the dealer seem knowledgeable about the product and answer your questions in plain, simple language without too much technical jargon?
  3. Does the dealer offer multiple resources such as articles, detailed product descriptions, images, videos and other content to give you as much information as possible about the product before you buy?
  4. Does the dealer offer resources to help you figure out the product after purchase?
  5. Does the dealer have a reasonable RMA or return policy if the product is defective?
  6. Does the dealer provide any sort of community based resource or network for peer support, such as a social media page, group or (ahem) forum?

We are an authorized Baofeng dealer, but we only carry a few select models based on popularity and track record. We do not currently carry their DMR radios, opting instead to carry models from other manufacturers who have earned our trust in the quality of the product and support of it. Could that change in the future? Possibly, but at this time none of their OEM DMR radios have impressed us enough to give us the confidence in quality to offer them to our customers.

We don’t just sell any radios that come along. Our product line is a result of careful consideration for the satisfaction of our customers.

Signed up here to add some steps into the mix.

If you have a Baofeng DM-X Radio (as I now do), here’s what I had to do to get it working.

  1. Download the software provided by 161wt001 at the top of this thread.
  2. Install the software. To do this I had to change the path from D:\Program Files\MD to C:\Program Files\MD. I had to create the directory C:\Program Files\MD manually and then Browse to it for the software to let me install it.
  3. Right click on “Computer” or “This PC” and select Properties. At the top left, click on “Device Manager”.
  4. Turn off the DM-X radio. Plug in your programming cable to your radio first, then plug it in to the computer’s USB port. Turn the radio on. You should see a new device detected in the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section called “No Printer Attached”. This is to be expected and is NORMAL.
  5. Start the MD software. Click the “Read” button to the right of the “Save” button on the toolbar. NOW, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. A screen will appear that says “Read data from radio” but it hasn’t done it yet. Defying all logic, you must click the OK button to make it actually read the data.
  6. If all goes well, you should see “PC Program USB Mode” appear on your radio screen. Hurray, you’re getting some data now from the radio.

What next? I have no idea. I just fussed with this software for about 90 minutes trying to figure out why it would not see the radio, and after clicking the OK button, I felt like a moron.

Does someone have a good tutorial on what needs to be done to minimally configure this radio for use? How about this: Is there a way to extend the Rx frequency ranges for VHF and UHF?


Some more fotos inside of DM-1702 / DM-X
[](http://Baofeng DM-1702 = DM-X)

It seems that I missed several posts
@Rhody: The channel mode is in the CPS editor in Windows. I don’t think Baofeng makes the radios, they are just sold under their label (like Retevis RT3S, MD-UV380 seem to be the same radios and DM-1701 as well). It seems that abbree is the manufacturer. BUT DMR-X is really not their product, maybe you should have asked for DM-X, not DMR-X. For your other problems, I would also check things like colour code, timeslot, etc. configuration to be correct to be able to talk to your repeater.

@Houwie7000: There is no such setting in the secret menu, just manual calibration. There is something more in the CPS test menu (136.0 and 174.0 values as well as 400 and 470) , but again, I am not sure how it would behave outside of the ranges. The calibration seems to be done inside of those bands.

BTW, there seems to be a new version of CPS(1.00.78)/FW (.22) available at (link removed due to virus inside). I don’t have the radio with me so I cannot check what has been changed, I may just look to the CPS app.

Just a few comments. The VHF is problematic, especially in analogue mode. Since unlike RT3S the C_6000 is not shielded, the noise from CPU and external noise gets there and reduces the overall usability. On the other hand, quite a lot of firmware is done from scratch, so e.g. fonts are nicer.

When comparing the sensitivity in the city, it is beyond analog UV-B5, UV-5R, RT3S. On those I get signal from VHF repeater (144.650/144.050) in borderline conditions, on DM-X just noise.

GPS takes forever to lock on satellites but I found out that RT3S is not much better in that regard.

EDIT: There is a new setting in CPS which indicates a new menu might have been added in firmware, plus APRS target setting. The new firmware file (.22) seems to be encrypted (I would not risk flashing it with old CPS as it would probably brick the device). The CPS pops up empty frame in a web browser after start and creates CPSSrv.exe file (due to being virus infected).

EDIT2: Don’t use the 1.00.78 CPS, it is virus infected! (

Rather writing it as a new message to be sent as an notification for those 2 people who downloaded the 1.00.78 CPS before I checked it and removed the link to abbree web site, it is virus infected. The anti-virus software is able to clean the virus from CPS up, but I would rather check your computer with Symantec’s FxRamnit.exe if you already started the CPS without anti-virus checking it.

yeah I just discovered that but my av blocked it and I ran a full scan.
I wonder why Abbree has a infected copy of cps on their domain.
did they do this on purpose or are they infected?

It is available (with other downloads) at Abbree web site (link removed due to possible TOS violation) Just scroll to the bottom of the page. I have “healed” the CPS exe file by MS security essentials so that it does not seem to be virus-infected anymore, but I am not sure if there are some relicts or not. Just in case I reset the virtual machine I am using for it to state before experimenting with the CPS tools.

The linked file is also virus-infected, it is the same installation package, but I was downloading the It seems the developer’s computer building the installation package got infected and these files were shipped to abbree as such.

What about the firmware file? I’ve read that the virus only infects .exe and HTML files. Maybe they fixed stuff in the update.

I am not able to test it for more than a week. I can only speculate right now. The firmware file is encrypted, there are three possibilities:

  1. The CPS decrypts the firmware and sends it to the device - then I guess the virus-infected CPS would be needed (I can now confirm it is the case)
  2. The firmware is decrypted by the device - then the old CPS might work with it - I don’t think the bootloader is so complex to include this feature.
  3. The firmware file should not have been encrypted, but the virus-infected computer encrypted it.

So whilst it may not be infected, flashing it may still soft-brick the device in all 3 cases

My DM-X is arriving soon so I’ll reinstall the virus on the VM everytime I want to use the software and I’ll also try to update the radio firmware. @pm_cz do you have a backup of the original firmware?

lol they actually ran out of bandwidth, it has been like this for more than a day how are they not noticing it
(link removed)

Maybe they are having bigger problems, like virus breaking havoc in their offices or the server being infected as well and doing quite a lot of traffic as a C&C server or something.

Anyway, I don’t know what your stock version of FW is going to be, but if you want the extracted original version from my radio (.014), I am attaching it, BTW, they did not react when I sent them from different accounts info about the infected files.

Anyway I don’t see where to attach ZIP files here, so I have uploade the v02.02.014 extracted firmware to google drive.

thank you for the file, I just got the radio and I installed the infected cps in my vm but it is only the installer that is infected. when windows defender removes the virus cps is left intact and is fully operational. Also when trying to update the radio fw using the new cps and new fw the cps just gives you an error that it cannot communicate with the radio. Which is kinda weird because it is able to program the radio. Oh and I cannot get the flash light to work.

I believe the CPS is portable once installed based on another post can you zip the directory and upload it? All the links to download it are down right now.

I tried that (because it is easier to have it on my main pc) but I am pretty sure that the software needs the added regestry keys and drivers to work because the software cannot read from the radio once it is copied. But below I will post some links including one that goes to all the dmx/1702 files that i downloaded (before their entire site went down.), the firmware update is also in there but I cannot upgrade the radio because I get an error.
Also if someone has some tips and tricks with importing certain contacts etc please let me know because I am struggling hard with this software.
INFECTED FILES (including not infected documentation and firmware update): (link removed for violation of TOS)

the not working portable install(copied out of Program Files folder):

thank you I appreciate it

The zip you sent me runs portable just fine just need to figure out how to get this thing in upgrade mode to runt he new software update. thanks again.