Abbree AR-F8 questions

I picked up an ar f8 on eBay for 20usd , I’m using it as a scanner with transmit disabled, until I can determine its airworthiness on a service mon.

I have been unable to find an instruction manual for it, it was a customer return and sold as-is and came with a manual for some other model. Abbree website has not responded to my emails And software that’s offered on their site is blocked by windows defender and won’t install.

chirp works in the wouxon uv8d setting to program it. And most of the menu settings were self explanatory but I haven’t a clue about using gps function on it .

Has anyone else run into one these radios Or know where I can find an instruction manual for it

It has the same squelch table issues that the uv5r’s have but in chirp there’s no service setting menu available to correct the squelch table values like there is for the uv5r has nothing about it , no info on it found anywhere , I suspect it may be a counterfeit of some other brand of ccr .

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

It might take a day or two, but I’ve a few in the store - I’ll see if I can scan the manual for you. They’re quite nice radios to be honest. The GPS implementation is the same as a few other radios - in terms of the display details and apart from the lat and Lon - nobody seems to have done anything with what the data provides. The Kydera radios have a very similar display and they’re planning to release some new features for the 300/880 series to do something with the data - but my contact at the factory doesn’t know yet what it will be?

Here’s a link to the Abbree manual AR-F8 manual PDF

Thanks very much! Maybe you know where I can find a new battery for it?

Thanks again!

What I do know is that battery orders I have put in for radios since November have failed to arrive. There seems to be a real problem with battery imports at the moment - I can’t get Baofeng or Kydera at all. Abbree might be doable - but the price will be extreme.

Maybe my best option would be to purchase an alkaline battery tray for it. Is such an option available for it?

Or ( when the time comes) repack the dead pack with new cells?

And in the future take into consideration needs like this before buying a radio not made for the us market.

Ive never been offered anything. Spares for these kinds of brands in honesty, don’t exist. I always buy 1:10 extra which I keep in the stock room for any service issues. Then when a year elapses I sell them cheap on ebay as old stock. Customers will not wait two months for a repair/exchange. I sent two items back in September, Royal Mail delivered the box back on Friday, never collected in China.

What a strange post? No idea why somebody joins to post cryptic personal stuff?

I looked him up on QRZ and he doesn’t seem to be active, sorry.

Paul, I tried to DL the manual from the link you provided above but, the file isn’t there. Could you pls provide another link?

Jeff I just tried the link I posted, and the pdf downloaded to this Mac fine - I’m not sure what the snag is, but the file is there?

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Hi there, I´m looking to find a place to buy battery for my AR-F8, other than Aliexpress, shipping is almost 3 times of the price of the battery itself. Really appreciated if anyone knows or have a spear battery you want to sell to me. Thanks !!!

Abbree radios are impossible to get any spares for at prices customers will swallow. I actually like the radios, but realistically they should be considered a one piece radio, with no spares available.

This is not just Abbree of course, the killer is the word ‘battery’. A package of battery packs is a very risky product for the usual air freight shippers and while a battery as a part of a radio oddly counts as ‘safe’, individual batteries are not. Royal Mail simply stick on a battery sticker here but FedEx and UPS really hate batteries. The Chinese used to put batteries in bland labelled packages. Electrical items, descriptions like that, but they have started being accurate, and plane crashes tend to focus minds. I’ve now got a couple of unsalable radios in stock where I’ve had to rob battery packs and can’t get replacements.

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Hi all. I got mine ABBREE AR-F8 and unfortunately I got problem on with it.:
I swich radio on with knob. And screen remains black, no sound, keys are not responsive.
That been said LED next to antenna (on top of radio) keeps flashing red. Just like in monitor mode which is described in radio manual:
Chap.1 3.4 The main keys.

I tried everything I could fought about and can’t make it work.
Battery has been checked and got correct output voltage. So it not battery.
Any ideas please.

I’m afraid the Abbree radios have not impressed me as a person who sells radios. Check the battery again with it connected to the radio - you’ll need some little flying leads and patience - you might find the battery voltage plummets under load, and of course, some just are faulty. Sending them back even got me replacements that looked like F8’s but were actually F5’s and I got no joy with the factory. I now don’t sell them any more. All my customers ended up with good ones, thank goodness, but the pain was considerable. Their people have no clue at all.

Yep it works 100%…still.

These radio’s are ■■■■ imho…

Just toss it…It sux…

You’ve had a years use for very little money, you’re on a winner!