Abbree AR-F8 questions

I picked up an ar f8 on eBay for 20usd , I’m using it as a scanner with transmit disabled, until I can determine its airworthiness on a service mon.

I have been unable to find an instruction manual for it, it was a customer return and sold as-is and came with a manual for some other model. Abbree website has not responded to my emails And software that’s offered on their site is blocked by windows defender and won’t install.

chirp works in the wouxon uv8d setting to program it. And most of the menu settings were self explanatory but I haven’t a clue about using gps function on it .

Has anyone else run into one these radios Or know where I can find an instruction manual for it

It has the same squelch table issues that the uv5r’s have but in chirp there’s no service setting menu available to correct the squelch table values like there is for the uv5r has nothing about it , no info on it found anywhere , I suspect it may be a counterfeit of some other brand of ccr .

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!