Yet again a Baofeng problem

HELP!!! I hope to get some direction here. I have a nice, nearly new Baofeng UV-5RIII triband radio. I hate the screen, but love the size for EDC. Here’s my issue. The keyboard has gone wonky. None of the front keys respond. VFO, A/B, Band, Menu, Exit and all the numeric keys just don’t respond. i do get a beep when I press them, but nothing happens. The side keys do respond. I can turn on the light and alarm. Enter the commercial FM band and transmit on the frequency the unit is set to though I can’t change it. I can hook up to my computer and up/down load a new codeplug. Any ideas are welcome. Maybe do a firmware update and if so how do I do that.
Thanks in advance.

It sounds like the keylock is on.

Thanks Rick. Now, why didn’t I think of that?
I think I’ll do a factory reset as soon as I figure out how. Let you know if it works for me.

Well color me abashed Rick. When you’re right you’re right. It was in KB lock mode and now it’s not. Problem solved.

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Not being funny, but so many Baofeng bashing posts are user errors. In all fairness, they are complex, dirt cheap radios and yet people constantly expect military performance from happy meal priced products. If Baofeng radios had feelings, they’d be in therapy.