Ya hoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Two Way!
My wife last night handed me a laptop for walkie talkies and had it on E-bay and was not sure which one to buy. After reviewing a few I proceeded to look at different models. Please keep in mind I have never purchased 2 way radios before. When I scrolled down to description it had for $69.99 it was refurbished? I looked at bid’s on several that did not seem worthy of all this bidding stuff. I personallly just want a great price and a great value. Who Doesn’t right? I saw prices of $139.00 for new one’s with 10-20 mile radius. Then they got to toy’s for $11.00 No Thanks! Before I made a choice I believe in The top 10 of merchadise and found your site. Man oh Man !!!WOW!!
I’ve got the newest coolest Motorola the is the #1 in 2008 with a 3 year warranty instead of refurbished with 90 day warranty. What kid on Christmas wants to open a used present? I am so Happ I found you guy’s. You emailed be while still on line the got another email saying it was shipped already to us here in Hawaii. No biddding no comparing just good product it was sooooooooooo easy! No pay pal no passwords no confirmations just here is my credit card let’s ROCK N ROLL!!! I can’t wait to get these for my 9 year old. These are like proffessional top of the line radios. My wife was impressed with my choice which is very rare I might add. Now that I did so great on this project she has elected me SANTA for the rest of the gifts. Hey 2 way Radios for everyone!!! Done Shopping!