XTN XU2100 Question

Will the Motorola XTN XU2100 work with the Talkabout GMRS radios set on channel 16 frequency of 462.5750?

As long as the XTN is FCC Part 95 accepted and both parties are GMRS licensed you are fine.

I am not concerned about the legality of them working together but more the compatibility. I need to know if the XTN XU2100 can be put on frequency 462.5750. So far I haven’t found any information on the frequencies available on the XU2100 and if they can be changed.

I can understand your frustration when others reply with a totally unrelated answer then what was asked and this appearers to be happening with more frequency lately on this board.

Although I am not knowledgable on the model in question, I did want to help you find the answer to your question and found this information online at a Motorola site and hope it will help you until Danny can provide anything more accurately.

It appears to me that the XU2100 radio is a UHF model and could be programed to work on the UHF frequency of 462.575 judging from the specifications {cut copy below} along with the URL of that site sent to you in a private message.

Motorola XU2100
Operating on FCC Frequency - UHF (461â€"470MHz)

“Totally unrelated”? I specifically said he would be fine. Meaning it would work. The XTN in question is front panel programmable and works in the correct UHF range (461–470MHz).

How is the legality not an issue? Not all business band radios are Part 95 accepted, and if you use GMRS frequencies in today’s world a license IS required (unless you’re mike shearer).

Sorry mike, not everyone has a 30 year old judgment ruled in their favor on a technicality leading them to think that they can break any rules they see fit.
Some of us like to try and do the right thing.

I never meant to start a war here. I did not realize the XTN was front panel programmable. Also the GMRS radios are being fased out in our business anyway. But for now I need them to work together.

Yup, they are front panel programmable.
From Moto:


[i]Motorola XU2100 Specification Overview

Battery Life (based on 5/5/90 duty cycle) - 13 hours (NiMH), 22 hours (AA)
Call Tones - 3
Channels - 1
Cloning - With Multi-Unit Charger (MUC)
Coverage - Up to 250,000 square feet (20 floors)
Dimensions H x W x L (with standard battery) - 8.0” x 2.6” x 1.5” (203.2 mm x 66.0 mm x 38.1 mm)
Display - Yes
Emergency Button - No
Frequency - UHF (461–470MHz)
Front Panel Programmable - Yes
Interference Eliminator Codes - 38 PL, 83 DPL
Intrinsically Safe - No
Keypad - No
Mil Spec - 810 C, D, E, F
Model Includes - NiMH Battery, Drop In Charging Tray, 10-Hr Charger, Swivel Belt Holster, User’s Guide
Option Board Available - No
Power - 2W
Programmable Buttons - No
Signaling - Not Applicable
Technology - Analog
VibraCall - No
Voice Activation (VOX) - Yes
Warranty - One Year Limited Warranty
Weight (with standard battery) - 9.8 oz. (277.8 g)[/i]

Sorry, I have been away for a few days and didn’t get to check the forum.

The Motorola XTN radio series, including the XU2100 that you mentioned, is NOT compatible with any of the GMRS channels/freqs.

When Motorola says this model is front panel programmable, they are being somewhat unclear. The XTN (and CLS) series of radios have built-in support for 56 frequencies, and through the front panel you can assign your channels to any of those 56 frequencies. They are not fully programmable radios. The Motorola AX series, like the AXU4100, are fully programmable, allowing a dealer to program the radios to any frequency.

If you need a business quality radio that will be compatible with your existing GMRS radios, look at either the Motorola AXU4100, BlackBox UHF, or Kenwood TK3202. With these models, they could be reprogrammed in the future to business freqs as you retire your GMRS radios. If you buy from us, we offer free programming for the life of the radio. You only pay for the shipping.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Danny, I’m real sorry for posting the wrong info. :frowning:

Moto’s own specifications are QUITE misleading to say the least! :mad:

Right! I wish they would be a little more clear about what they mean by “programmable”.