XPR6850 Firmware, cloning and other


I am a newbe to programming, so please don’t go slamming me PLEASE. I know I don’t understand so I don’t need to be asked “why the heck did you do that” like I was on my first post on here.

I got a new (well old but new to me) XPR6850 and trying to clone it to match my other radios but get several warnings. The radios are the same make and model, but only noticed the firmware is different.

Warnings when trying either to write to the radio or cloning it:

  1. When trying to write to radio from another radio’s codeplug: Error #1638 Unable to write. Serial number in archive and device must be same. Try clone device if applicable.
  2. When trying to clone radio: Error #1025 The connected device in not supported by the application.

Can anyone (a) tell me where I can get the firmware to update these Motorola retired radio firmware to get this to at least match, (b) how to get this radio to clone since I am getting the errors, and © what these error codes mean. I can write to the radio I want to clone, but nothing other than simple changes in the original codeplug.