XLT TM100 Review

Hey everyone, I am replying to inform consumers of certain products I have been using in the field, I work security at a Gentlemans Club. :cool: My boss was interested in buying the XLT TM100 throat mic, I did use this mic in the club, I was very impressed with no back ground noise at all, we play loud music and a DJ talking. I could be standing on the stage right next to the speaker and when I talked all everyone else heard was just me. I did have a problem at first with locating the throat mic in the right spot. I would highly recommend this product in a noisey enviorment.

Only one thought, It would have been nice to see an adjustable throat band, it can get a little snug with a big neck, :eek: other than that very good product. :slight_smile:

I will reply soon again on other XLT products in the same enviorment


Thanks for your review, glad the product is working well for you.

Regarding the size/adjustability, we looked at a few throat mic models before deciding on this line. We didn’t really like the adjustable models that we found, because they wrapped completely around the neck (like a collar) and had to be tight in order to read the vibrations from the throat. This made them quite uncomfortable.

We had several people with different neck sizes test our style before we started selling them, and they were all able to find a position where it transmitted well. I agree it is not the most comfortable mic to wear, but we preferred this style to the “collar” variety.

Since you and others have requested something adjustable, we may look into carrying another model in addition to this one. I will keep you posted.