Wouxun UV9D

I re-programmed my radio and now the screen is dimmed. So much that it is impossible to read in daylight. How do I fix the problem please?

My email is hj.stander@gmail.com

No need to post in two forums minutes apart. We will help you when we can.

There are three menu items on the UV9D that affect backlight brightness. Turn the radio on, push MENU and use either the channel knob or the up/down arrow keys to navigate to menu 01. Make sure ABR is set to on. You have a choice of always on; always off, and on for a certain length of time in seconds, from 1 to 30. (I set mine to 30.) If you need to change the setting, press MENU while in menu 01, change the setting by scrolling up or down using the channel knob or the arrow keys, and press MENU again to save the new setting.

The second influence on backlight is power-save mode. This is menu 02, and I usually set this to OFF. It doesn’t seem to drain the battery any faster.

The third setting is backlight brightness. Scroll to BAR-LV (menu 27) and be sure the brightness is set to higher than 1. (I use the maximum of 5 and it does not seem to drain much faster.)

As to why your screen looks dim and hard to read, the UV9D screen is always lit. It never dims completely off. This is what you are seeing.

You simply accidentally changed one of the above parameters when you programmed your radio. If you are using the programming software, just look for Auto Backlight Time (ABR), Power Save Mode (SAVE) and Backlight Brightness (BAR-LV.) Change them to the ones I suggested above. It will be fine.

Chinese-made radios don’t always translate English well, and this is why the abbreviations sometimes make little sense.

Thanx a ton. It worked and I can now read the screen again.


Hennie ZS1IK