Wouxun Q10G - no CB reception?

I also posted this on the myGMRS Forum – so please forgive me if it’s a repeat!

My Wouxun Q10G receives weather on WX channels but doesn’t receive anything on CB Channels. I haven’t tried to transmit yet but even when I go to the freeway to listen to truck traffic, I receive nothing! When I bought it, I understood it was already programmed for CB channels and when I turn it on, it appears to be programmed for those channels but I still hear nothing! When I look at some of the forums, I see guys asking about programming their Wouxun Q10G radio’s. I have another radio (TYT TH-8600) that I’ve programmed and never hear any GMRS channels on it locally and I know it receives just fine because I use GMRS channels on it when I ride in UTV/SxS groups – so trying to see if I can receive GMRS on this radio locally won’t tell me anything as I’m not planning on riding with those groups anytime soon!
Should I be looking at programming software – or – how do I fix it on my Wouxun Q10G!

There are a few reasons why you may not hear anything on the Q10G when tuned to CB channels, and we need more information to determine what the issue is.

Are you listening to CB in AM or FM mode? Most truckers are still using AM, as FM is still new to CB.

It is quite possible there simply may not be any radio traffic on CB in your area. Some areas have a lot of traffic on CB and GMRS, and other areas have next to none. It’s sort of the luck of the draw on that.

Are you constantly scanning across all 40 CB radio channels for traffic, or are you listening to one specific channel?

If it is the latter, which channel? You’re more likely to hear traffic on Channel 19 than most others.

What antenna is on your radio when listening to CB? Is it the stock antenna, or an after market antenna?

Are you listening from inside a completely closed vehicle using the radio with a handheld antenna attached, or is the radio inside the vehicle and connected to an external antenna outside the vehicle?

Keep in mind that the Q10G only receives on CB. It does not transmit on that service. This is required by the FCC for type acceptance as a GMRS radio.

1 - I’m listening in AM mode.
2 - I sat beside a freeway at a fairgrounds for a week-end and had the radio on both CH 17 then on Ch 19 for hours in the evenings. My experience is when I traveled the nation in a motorhome that had a CB in it, was that truckers are on the CB quite frequently talking to each other. I can’t believe there were no CB transmissions while I was there!
3 - The radio has a non removable antenna – so it was the stock antenna!
4 - While I sat beside the. freeway, I was in a motorhome with the radio next to the window side of the freeway. The motorhome was closed up but I could see truck traffic while the radio was on.
5 - The radio has what its called an A and B area. I had the radio tuned to either CH 17 or CH 19 on both A and B at one time, in case the CB can only receive on one of those area’s.
6 - When I mentioned that I hadn’t tried to transmit yet, I forgot that this radio doesn’t transmit on CB.

Well I Would Suggest Using A New CB Radio or either a new programming software

I find it odd you haven’t put a call out, there could be twenty people all listening? Don’t you have an friends with a CB? Or maybe find a car or truck with the antennas, and just ask them if they can test it for you? Most are quite helpful in this way?

AM mode is only available on Area A, so you are correct that you can only listen to CB in AM Mode on one area. Although the antenna is non-removable, some users have been known to break off the antenna by force to install a different one, which is why I asked.

If you call our support at 1-800-584-1445 from 9 AM to 6 PM ET weekdays, our tech will be happy to assist in troubleshooting the issue to get it resolved.

Thank you! I’ll call tomorrow!

Actually, our offices will be closed tomorrow, March 29 for Good Friday. We
are open until 6 PM this evening. We will be open Monday, April 1.

I do not have the said radio so my comment is based on description and quite a bit of experience. Wouxon Q10G is a very wideband receive radio with CB (27mhz HF) rx, VHF/UHF rx and GMRS(UHF) tx/rx. CB radio frequencies are in the HF part of the band. A 1/4 wavelength antenna( a basic antenna for any radio) is 108" for CB while the same 1/4 wavelength for GMRS is 6". The non-removal antenna is most probably tune to the GMRS band since that is the TX frequencies. Look at the length of the antenna on your radio. For CB it’s acting more like a dummy load than an antenna. So to receive a CB signal, you’d have to be very close to the transmitter…Add that you have the radio in the car that acts like a partial faraday cage(Cuts radio signals…), you have little chance of getting much radio traffic…While the radio has many interesting functions, personally I would go with separate CB and VHF/UHF radios since you can get appropriate antennas (which I have done…)


Your comments are quite interesting. Since I recently bought one, I’m beginning to think that I made a poor choice. NotaRubicon in his YouTube video review of the radio, easily and quickly unscrews the antenna and connects his power meter to it. The manual clearly states the antenna is NON REMOVABLE. As you clearly stated, the included antenna is virtually useless at receiving 27 MHz. My radio has also yet to receive ANY CB transmissions.
I’m afraid that this is a classic case of false advertising‼️
Buy two way radio.com should gladly accept any returns as a result.
It’s a VERY nice radio, but the antenna issue is something that must be addressed‼️

Sorry, you want a non removable antenna? My guess is that to satisfy the US rules, the blob of glue wasnt quite enough. If it panics you, glue it up. The accidental unscrewing allows better antennas and like you say power and vswr monitoring. If there are local people transmitting you cannot hear, then maybe there’s a problem, but CB is local, whatever people claim. A few miles. I also understand the radio is only moderately sensitive in the CB band. If you didn’t like it, does the US have a return within so many days like we have in the UK? We get 14 days for an online purchase, for any reason, including didn’t like it.

Not to jump in but My favorite Youtube radio nerd is Notarubicon he teaches you a lot more stuff than the other YouTubers teach.