Wouxun KG1000G shuts off after 10 seconds

radion shuts down after 10 seconds. It lived through our last hurricane and antenna crash.

I don’t have the K1000G but I had the same symptom with a Kenwood 2m mobile. It had been installed and worked without issue for several years and then one day it would shut down and restart every time I transmitted. Shortly after it would shut down 10 or 15 seconds after turning it on.

What I finally found was the positive power lead was squeezed in a tight spot above my roof liner where it rubbed against a roof support and finally breached the insulation. I replaced the power lead routing it away from the metal support. Everything has been fine since then. I had looked at that wire when it started the TX restart problem but didn’t see the problem. I did the original install so it was all on me.

Your issue may be something totally different but if you can eliminate the wiring as an issue that is a start. While you examine the wiring check that all fittings are tight.

Good luck.

Try it on lower power. If it works, then possibly the radio is fine, but the power supply is failing and cannot cope with the current demand. Low power requires less from the supply. A volt meter will also help tell you if it’s inside the radio or external.

Welcome aboard! You didn’t say whether your radio is mobile or not. Paulears brought up an excellent point. If you’re using it as a base station, I would definitely check out the switching power supply. If you have a spare, just swap it out. That will eliminate or condemn it.
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OK so the radio stays on now on a new power supply. It does not receive a signal. When I transmit, the indicator shows it is sending our a signal to the repeater yet ii is not.

My question is where can I send this ■■■■ thing to have it bench tested. It was an expensive radio and I hate to just toss it in the trash when maybe all it needs is a capacitor etc. Thanks guys!!

Where in the world are you - We’d do it if you’re in the UK, but I suspect you might not be!

Hi Ben, I have a few preliminary questions for some basic troubleshooting.

  1. Have you connected to this repeater before?
  2. If so, when was the last time it was working?
  3. If number 2 is yes, has it been reset, reprogrammed or has anything changed between then and now?
  4. What antenna is connected?
  5. What type of feed line are you using?
  6. Assuming you are using the KG-1000G as a base station, is the antenna located indoors or outdoors?
  7. Can you receive signals from any other source other than the GMRS channels, such as the NOAA weather stations or the built-in commercial FM radio?
  8. Are there any CTCSS or DCS codes assigned to the repeater channel?
  9. Have you tested it on a simplex channel with a handheld nearby that is set to the same channel?

If the radio was purchased new from Buy Two Way Radios, have you contacted support to troubleshoot the issue?

Yes and No to all of those questions. Same repeater settings as always, my settings have been checked over and over , nothing on simplex. New power supply that my Midland 40 watt works fine on, new coax to Jpole 40 ft elevation etc. The radio appears to work fine except no audio in or or rf out in spite of the indicator showing transmitting. Computer programming shows all tones and frequencies properly set, etc. Something is blown and I need to find someone to look at it and confirm either scrap it or repair it.??? Thanks for replying…

Cocoa, Florida USA…Thanks for replying.

If it is a simple or minor component, it may be repairable. If the finals are blown, probably not. We have the capability to bench test the radio and determine what, if anything, may be blown and if it is repairable. If you haven’t already, give our tech a call or pm John here in the forum and he can advise you on a course of action.