Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate package--USA

I have unboxed my new radio and have two questions for the community.

  1. Does the software work with Apple? It seems not since the discs that came with the package are small and there is no disc driver on my iMac our MacBook Pro. I could only find .exe files doing an internet search.
  2. Once I properly follow the clear Two Way Radio-provided instructions on programming a repeater channel directly on the radio and assigning a channel, the PTT indicator should be green, right? Mine is red, so I assume I have done something wrong. (I live in a very remote area with only one repeater and only 14 FCC license holders, so it is never very busy.)

Can you help with the answers?

I’ve not found ANY software for programming radios that works on a mac - certainly I have never seen any files other than .exe.

Chirp has Mac support but they do not list the 9D Mate. Because it is a higher power version of the 9D Plus, it will likely not work with the 9D Plus model.

RT Systems DOES have a Mac version for the 9D, 9D Plus and 9D Mate. RT Systems sells both the software and proprietary cable, and my experience with them has always been positive. They are great at getting software for models that Chirp does not support, and their software is levels better than the factory software.