Wouxun KG-UV950P

Well… I have had this radio now for a few days… Here are my initial thoughts on it…

  1. There isnt an automatic offset. I have to manually enter the repeater offset RX (my TX) frequency. What a hassle.
  2. The MIC plugs into the HEAD unit only. When i get around to mounting in my vehicle - 2008 Jeep Wrangler 4dr (JKUR) - I have made an overhead plate that I have currently a Kenwood 700d and Bearcat BCT15x installed on. The MIC on the Kenwood plugs into the Main Body, which let me route the MIC cord around where it wasnt in the way of the rear view mirror. But, the Wouxun KG-UV950P unit, with the cord on LH side of the HEAD unit, means i will be looking thru the cord all the time - i think. i may have to rearrange EVERYTHING. I havent checked yet, but, it might help if i dont remote the head, and flip the complete radio up side down so the speakers face down, instead of up. IF cant, i suppose i can run 2 remote speakers. but then, i dont know what i will do with the Radio section if i remote the head. If i remote the head, then i would like to locate the Radio to the back someplace, which, means i will have to have 2 speaker wires comin back to the front. If the remote wire is long enough that is.
  3. Scanning speed is about 1/2 of what i would have expected on a modern radio. When loaded with frequencies, i have noticed that it will almost miss complete conversations by the time it gets back.
  4. Am disappointed that i can only select 1 group, and ALL. which means the ALL side is also scanning the 1 group i have on the opposite bank. Which means it will stop on the channel i am operating on. Would have been nice if i could select 2 or more groups on each side.
  5. On base setup now, and i cant use it on 446.000… squelch breaks, and i cant adjust it out. Would have been also nice if there were a selectable Attenuator to apply to any channel. And even a 10/20/30db choices too. I hope it is ok when mounted mobile.
  6. There is no DIMMER control for the lights. WHITE as a base setup , and next to my bed, is VERY bright. I hope thou, it is bright enough in the mobile, as i have a hard time seeing the display when in mobile installs. So there, i may what it even brighter.
    … Well… shoot… there were a couple other things too, but cant remember what it was now…
    All in all, I hope i can get used to it. Am i being to **** picky?