Wouxun KG-UV920p-A Mic Gain

I’m getting reports that while my signal is very clear, my voice is very quiet. I speak in a normal voice with the mic about 1.5" from my mouth as I do with my other radios and the Wouxun is to only one that has an issue. Is there an adjustment for mic gain somewhere?

I have a KG-UV950P and I am getting reports that my audio is way too low also.
Very annoying. I have read on forums where people performed a factory reset and the problem was solved…I’m not keen to do this as I have 70 repeaters programmed in that I had to program through the front of the radio as the cable and software simply do not work with my computer.
Considering taking the radio back.

Who makes a HAm radio with no mic gain!?! I didn’t even think to check that before purchasing as it’s usually a given.

FM radios typically do not have a mic gain. None is needed. FM is different than AM or SSB. Increasing audio input has no effect, or undesired effect, as FM is not “modulated”, it deviates the information across the whole channel bandwidth, regardless of audio input level. The Wouxun radios, as well as many other Chinese radios are made to FCC Part 90 standards (in other countries, whatever their commercial radio standards are) AS commercial radios. You need to “eat the mic” as commercial radios tend to block out any background noise, important for radios used in an industrial setting. Many hams are used to having a radio that can hear a fly fart at 50 feet. This isn’t so in the commercial world. You get “communications quality”, not high fidelity.

Not intending to be abrasive…me reading my message kind of has that tone… but not intended :slight_smile:

I believe that radio is a Part 90 compliant radio. So, it is probably transmitting in narrow band mode. Perhaps it can be changed to wide band. Obviously only in the ham bands though otherwise over deviation will be a problem. Just a thought.

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