Wouxun KG-UV7D Part 90 version

I am looking for some new Part 90 radios for the 450-470MHz. The 2M/70CM version of the KG-UV7D is now approved for Part 90, but the website lists only 420-450 TX. Does the 2M/70CM version come unlocked to 480MHz?

Also, they will be transitioning to digital in the next five years, and would love to get a KG-UVN1 to get a jump on it, but is not yet approved for Part 90. Do you know if Wouxun is working on this, and what the status is?

I am currently using TYT MD-UV380 and MD390 but the squelch tail is driving us crazy. (None of their existing Wouxun radios have squelch tails.) It seems there is no way to eliminate it on analog. TYT doesn’t provide for a 55Hz tone burst STE that seems to be common to the Wouxun. Even their cheap Baofeng UV-82C radios don’t have a squelch tail.

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As a Part 90 radio, the 2M/70cm version of the KG-UV7D can be unlocked and programmed for business frequencies outside the ham bands.

Wouxun originally planned to submit the KG-UV7D for Part 90 type acceptance, but they have since abandoned that pursuit. The KG-UVN1 is now intended for amateur use only.