Wouxun KG-905G GMRS battery charger - input voltage


New to the forum - looks like a good place to learn more about GMRS radios.

I’d like to know if anyone has a Wouxun KG-905G GMRS battery charger & would answer a couple of questions:

  1. Does the charger consist of a cradle with a detached power source that plugs into 120v AC?

  2. If so, could you tell me the output of the detached power source or the input of the cradle?

I’m trying to decide on a handheld GMRS for our expedition truck and I prefer being able to charge components without using our inverter. If the cradle is DC then I may be able to power the cradle directly from our 12 volt house battery bank with an adjustment of voltage (or if the cradle takes 12 volt DC without a voltage adjustment). If the cradle is AC then I’d be stuck with using our inverter.

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The charger consists of a 120V power source (wall wart) that plugs into the back of the cradle. The back of the charger for my KG-905G cradle is labeled as follows:

Li-ion Battery Charger
INPUT: DC 12V 800mA
OUTPUT: 8.4V-DC 800mA

The charger has three terminal tabs (-) (T) (+) The center is for temperature protection.


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Hello Sean:

Thanks! That’s exactly the information I sought. With an input of 12v DC and 0.8 amp current I’ll definitely be able to charge without an inverter.

Now if I can only find the KG-905 in stock somewhere…

Thanks again,



Good luck in finding the radio. I had to wait for mine but it was worth it. The KG-905G seems to be a good piece of kit that fit my needs/wants.


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