Wouxun kg-769e programing


Hope i have the correct place.

1…Can anyone tell me hoe to get from frequency mode to channel/merory mode on this rig?

2…Is there a user manual for 2 mt ? all i can find is for 70cm.

3…Best softwear for this rig
rig is a Wouxun kg-769e

Many thanks


I do not have that model nor can I find any info on it. On the KG-769e I believe Menu 3 will get you into Frequency mode and Menu 4 will take you to Channel mode.

So So Sorry I put the wrong model number in here is the CORRECT

wouxun KG- 679E NOT 769

I still cannot find out how to get into memory/channel mode so i can use there NOT VERY GOOD SOFTWEAR
Because the sofwear WILL NOT read the frequency channels only memory
so I have to find out how to get into memory /channel mode.
even then I have to put in the freq by hand befor the stupid softwear reads it

I have got the manual but no where can is see about setting up repeters

Any help please

I had the model number reversed.

Manual page that shows how to change working modes.

Hi Thank you for the info
Yes got channel mode now BUT when i goto put in a freg like 145.500 it only lets me put in
14 and nothing more . so i’m lost now

Thank you for your help upto now