Wouxun KG-1000G programming and menu options

This article covers the key features and lists the menu options of the Wouxun KG-1000G. It provides a quick reference that can be handy when programming from the radio itself.

Wouxun KG-1000G programming and menu options

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So where in the programming software do I configure the A,B,& C keys on the unit?
Perhaps I am just blind!

The option is not in the programming software. The A, B, and C buttons are only programmable directly from the radio at this time.

Thank You for that reply.
Using a site such as this, Ocean County, New Jersey (NJ) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference I picked a state at random. How would I enter such a frequency into the programming software?
I have entered a couple of frequencies for my own state, but it is usually silent, or a bit of static.
Does there have to be something entered related to the Tone to activate somehow?

You would enter such a frequency in the RX Frequency column and the PL/DPL tone in the Decoder column of the channel you want to create under the Main Memory Group tab in the programming software much like you would any frequency.

Many state and municipal agencies are now on trunked or digital systems, so you may not hear anything or just receive digital noise, as the KG-1000G is not a digital radio.

Thanks again, but am a bit surprised on that digital versus analog comment.
It seems to me that a lot may have just been lost in the capability of this unit at first thought.

From the stated frequencies listed, the 1000G should be able to tune in the frequencies of the ISS, or am I mistaken?

Correct. The KG-1000G is capable of receiving amateur radio signals within those frequency ranges, provided it is connected to a properly tuned antenna for them. It is receive-only and does not transmit on those frequencies.

Thanks Rick.
I will see if I can pull the signals in.

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I know this is an old thread, but here goes.
How do you set a KG1000g PTT-ID to only TX on one channel?