Wouxun KG-1000G not transmitting

My Wouxun KG-1000G is not transmitting properly. Instead of transmitting
on 462 freqs it is transmitting on 364 freqs it also is drifting while the mic is keyed both
up and down if you keep the mike keyed. Any ideas I would like to get this fixed.

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I’d give the forum owners a ring. Sounds like a real fault, and my guess is they’ll just say put it in the post. They’re not cheap radios, which makes them usually economic to repair not scrap.

I have tried working with Buy Two Radios and they have been no help. They seem to only have a warranty option and I did not discover the problem till the radio was out of warranty, I thought it was a repeater problem because the radio receives fine.

Sadly, I see it as a financial situation with repairs of certain types. This is not a trivial fault, it’s uncommon in my experience, and with the RF stages being often complete assemblies made by other firms, like Mitsubishi and others, there is a choice to be made. It’s time. During the warranty period, it obviously costs the dealer, so I would look at the cost price of a replacement, vs the cost to me in time to source the components, which rarely will be supplied completely free, or if they are, take a long time to come. I work on around four hours minimum labour so it costs me a lot of time and money. After warranty, an expensive repair swaps to the buyers responsibility, so is it realistic to spend maybe half to three quarters of the cost? This is how repairs work nowadays. My daughter has a washing machine, it needs a new pump, which is only about £60, but to get to it is a nightmare, so if you cannot do it yourself, the repair cost is 75% of the cost of a new one. We have moved from expensive product and cheap repairs to cheap product and expensive repairs. Probably best to just move on. A new engine and transmission for a car are crazy prices and take hours to fit, that’s why people scrap the whole thing.


You are accurately describing this “throw away economy we’re living in”:frowning:
Since most circuit boards are manufactured by robots, it’s virtually impossible to repair them. The best design practices are circuit boards with plug-in connectors. Disconnect the board and simply replace it with a new one. That’s the electronic architecture used in all these flat screen tv’s.
If this radio isn’t designed with easy circuit board replacement, I would avoid the brand in the future.
These products cost TOO much money to have to resort to just throwing them in the trash.
I was used to removing and replacing components on a circuit board or point-to-point chassis wiring. That’s all ancient history now, along with me😂

I take your point, but radio equipment that could have the ability to be repaired would be crazily expensive. One radio in the 80s could easily be 6 weeks wages? It was for me. Now many radios cost less than my grandkids cost me at McDonald’s! I remember in 1976 a Phillips 22” tv was 269 pounds. They’re less than that now. However we had big workshops, engineers, vans and full service manuals supplied when new models came out. My old firm have a one hour cut off. If a repair will take longer than that, give them a new one. The profit is gone as soon as a product goes wrong under warranty.

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I discovered a similar issue a few weeks ago with my KG-1000G which I purchased from BuyTwoWayRadios in July of 2021 (so it is now out of warranty). I am not sure if it is drifting during transmit but it does no transmit voice to my handheld KG-805 when I test in that way. It receives fine. I did ship it back to BuyTwoWayRadios (at my expense) for them to test. They tried a new faceplate, cable and microphone with no resolution of the issue. They said since it is out of warranty there is nothing more they can do since they consider the radio as a “sealed unit”. So I have emailed Wouxun directly to see if there is a repair path that I may be able to use. I heard back from Wouxun and they requested video of the issue so I sent that and am now awaiting their reply.

Has anyone found a way to repair the KG-1000G’s? I really like the feature set of the unit and actually bought a KG-1000G Plus to replace the 1000G that failed but would be nice to repair it if possible.