Wouxun 980P won't connect to pC

I cannot get my 980P to connect to any of 3 pc nor 2 laptops. The UART Cable is recognized by device manage when I view hidden devices. Neither Chirp nor the Wouxun 980P software can read or write to the radio, shows not connected or some such. Has anyone else experienced this? If so what was the solution? I have downloaded and installed the right driver using the driver installation program vs letting windows find one. Rebooted tried different usb ports etc. I also sent a service ticket in to the vendor

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Are you 100% certain you have the right cable? Easy for a supplier to accidentally send the wrong one?

Have you double checked your cable connection to the radio to be sure it is connected to the correct port? The 980 has two RJ45 ports and it is common for the cable to be plugged into the wrong one. It’s one of the most common support calls we receive on the Wouxun mobiles, so common, in fact, that we made a video about it. The video addresses it on the KG-1000 Series, but it applies to the KG-980P as well.

Indeed that was the problem

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