Wouxun 905-g newbie here

Hello !
Just got my gmrs lic

I just ordered my radio wouxun KG 905-g
Looking for any tips . videos

Or help …

Thanks New Jersey here Eatontown !!!


They’re capable radios, have loads of nice features, but I’m not sure what you mean by tips? Most of the features are only useful to people who need them, so what is important is what YOU will be doing with the radio. What exactly are you hoping to do with it? I assume you either bought it to communicate with other people in your area, or bought a few to use with your family, friends or associates or at work? It’s got better range than most, but I can’t imagine what a video would be about. This turns the radio on, this makes it transmit, this is the volume, this is how you change channel, this shows you the battery voltage etc etc. I bet you know this stuff already. When you have a good quality tool, you just use it?

What are you looking for, help wise? We can help once we know.

This guy gives a pretty good and humorous rundown of the KG-905G. In the HAM universe I own or have owned Kenwood and Yaesu handhelds. The 905 is a nice radio and is tough enough for trail use.


I have seen these videos and learned a lot .
I would like to used these to communicate with my family in emergency . We live roughly 10-20 miles apart …
also I am looking for anyone in the area to help mentor me in this new adventure

I’m not sure your distance will make this very reliable communications. In general - if you live on one hill and your family are on another, then it might work. Could you look out of your window with a pair of mega binoculars and see their house? If you couldn’t, then neither will the RF from your radio. They’re quite decent power output, but ten miles portable to portable is probably unrealistic to be fair.

Even with a repeater ?

Both people would need to be able to hit the same repeater. If that is the case you are good to go.

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Awesome ! Now all I need is to find a radio for my fam that will do that that won’t break the bank lol

But in emergencies repeaters might be off? Some have battery backup but most are privately funded and might be compromised?

Makes sense … so what you think the solution should be ?

In the uk we dimply don’t have this emergency preparedness desire our US friends have. The solution is of course money. Radios have got cheaper and cheaper but repeaters are more expensive. I’ve not sold a repeater for over a year. They can all be configured with battery backup, or auto start generators but the cost is not something people invest in. I could drive to a high spot, put up a telescopic mast and get a repeater on air in maybe two or three hours. In a real emergency I’d probably be willing to do it at no cost, but it would not be simple. I could probably do maybe 40 radios too, but battery charging would be interesting? I have a few 6 way chargers, but I couldn’t give everyone a charger. Simple stuff but it messes up a system. You’re allowed repeaters so some dealer could get one up and running in the US but it’s not something the average radio user can put together.

As ipokebadgers said, if the repeater is in a central location where everyone in the family can hit it, no problem. As for the costs involved, it’s somewhat relative to your situation. For instance, there are family farms that set up a GMRS repeater that work quite well at a cost that can be absorbed by the family business.
Another option would be to use an existing repeater that the family has access to and permission to use. There are numerous GMRS repeaters already in place across the US that are available. MyGMRS.com has a national database of GMRS repeaters. Some are private, but many are available for public use. A quick search lists 64 in NJ alone. Chances are there is at least one in or near Eatontown.

The website my gmrs .com
Has shown repeaters in my area . Once I learn how to use this radio I’ll see if I can dial in to one of the standard repeaters to get a com line established
In my area

Can’t seem to find any gmrs groups in my area so far !

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Definitely reach out to the repeater owners using mygmrs.com. They’ll usually send you any tones you need, if any, to use it. If you can hit a local repeater, you should be able to get there, but your mileage may vary.