Would like to learn how to program SCAN option on VX454 G7 UHF radio

I have two Vertex Standard VX454 G7 UHF two way radios. I acquired the programming software and cable from TwoWayRadios. By watching TwoWayRadios Youtube videos I have been able set up four channels on both my radios and that of six of my friends. Now I would like to learn how to set up the SCAN option. I have Channel Announce set on Button-A and I would like SCAN option set up on Button-B. As team leader I would like to stay on channel one but be able to hear anyone on the team that is on channel two through four.

Does anyone know where I can locate the steps that will teach me how to set this option on all eight of our radios? :confused:

Does anyone know if there are any books available for beginners on how to program the Vertex Standard VX-450 series two way radios? :confused:

Thanks :wink:

The manual can be downloaded at the Buy Twowayradios e commerce site. Starting on page 22 of the manual, the steps are there. You’d use the software to set button B for your desired scan function.