Working for/with the legislators

By this, I mean either having higher level access and links to the agency/executive agency or government department, or actually working for.

It’s quite useful to have the higher level (non-public) access at times - at one time I used to have phone conferences with the then RA (Radio Authority) Director and the counterpart with the investigation branch (Radio Communications Agency) over here.

It came as a result of an enquiry about working on their licensing helpline, and I ended up talking to both the Directors in a phone conference - where we discussed what would be necessary, since I believed have a tech license holder on their respective helplines would possibly help clarify some of the confusing and conflicting contexts of some enquires.

As a result, I actually was offered the work as a trial exercise (actual paid employment to work from home) in adding AR operators to their licensing and technical support sections respectively - pending a full background check and obtaining the minimum qualifications for a civil service post.

Sadly, I never had time to spare or funds to support part-time degree level study or go f/t to Uni. Especially as I was still tied up on the trunking project that was at a winding down stage.

So the best bit basically lapsed when OFCOM got formed from the respective agencies - but I still retain the higher access which can be useful, but better to exploit with consideration when doing the public access level fails due to classification.

Sure, the higher level info can’t be legally published or communicated verbatim, but used to help determine a state of play and consequential possible liabilities etc can allow for legally permitted research reference.

So, whilst such bodies have a faceless and inflexible reputation, it’s still worth the call to try asking a more advanced in-depth version of what you need to know, as it could take you places if someone sees you’re no fool and actually show clear knowledge and experience that’s best handled at a higher level.

One aspect of it - I ended up getting to know quite a few of the investigation teams back in the RA days, one of the people on the local regional team was also a tutor running the local RAE course, and given he was as technically as solid as he was time served in his job and as a license holder - many good solid ops came to be from his efforts to inspire Amateur Radio students, and he was never unwilling to assess radio issues informally, to help people avoid causing problems - which in my mind bridged the gap somewhat.

So, my advice as a consequence of my RA/OFCOM dealings, be armed with all your factual ducks lined up and research to know what you really need to ask, and where they legally can extend to, they will try to get you the info you need.

In fact, the directors I knew solidly believed that they could replace their entire helpline staff with experienced licensees of LMR/Ham Radio as main operators and SWL’s for the reception level queries, but the CS entry requirements prevented them getting who they needed in practice.

I’m sure there are similar instances of such events relating to other PTT’s and their investigation groups in other countries too, after all - it’s basic probability my story there isn’t uniquely a one off event.

But it shows that really getting deep into your level of radio can deliver unforeseen pleasant opportunities as well - if you can bring yourself to try.