Won't vibrate

I just recently purchased the Midland GXT1000 vp4 and I set it to vibrate, but it doesn’t work. I followed the instructions in the manual. The only thing that I think I may be doing wrong is when it says to select “on” by pressing the v/a buttons and push the PTT button, OR press MENU button. I always use the second option to press the MENU button because the SOS option is on the V button and I didn’t know if it would set of the SOS emergency siren. But if it is alright to just choose MENU then it should have worked? The VIBRATE icon stays on the screen so I don’t know why it isn’t vibrating. Without a ring, there is no other way to know a call is coming in.

Also, I chose the number 1 channel for just between the two of us and wonder if this is a GMRS channel or FRS and if I would need to buy the GMRS license.


I also have the GXT1000 radios. In the vibrate menu, when I push the A or V button and turn on the vibration, a quick vibration can be felt. If yours aren’t doing this, I would think that you have a faulty unit. I haven’t left this feature on while communicating, so I can’t confirm that anything happens when RX is active.

Channel 1 is shared between FRS and GMRS. If you set the TX power to low, then it should act like an FRS radio which is license free.

1-7 are FRS/GMRS (FRS requires you to reduce power to low)
8-14 are FRS only (power is automatically set to low)
15-22 are GMRS only
23-50 are duplicates of 1-22 with a pre-programmed privacy code

I played with the radios today, and I discovered that they don’t vibrate on RX. They only vibrate when receiving a CALL. You send a CALL by pushing the CALL/Lock button momentarily.