Wireless PTT Options Any Good?

I’ve been looking at several of the wireless PTT headset options available and have so far been unable to find very much info on them. I’m mainly looking at options like the one pictured below which have a small wireless PTT button with a velcro loop. There are various different mic options such as a throat mic, speaker mic, lapel mic, etc. And they all look to be made by the same [probably overseas] company considering that the PTT button on all the units is identical. Anyway…anybody know anything about how well these work?

Motorola makes PTT, including devices that use Bluetooth.

As long as the switch is good quality, you shouldn’t have a problem.

I’m not too crazy about using Bluetooth for something as simple as wireless PTT but could you provide a link or two to the Motorola wireless PTT options? I can’t seem to find anything like that on their enormous website. Thanks!