Will a 5 watt radio work before I get the FCC license

Simple question. Will a 5 watt radio work out of the box? I am planning on getting the FCC license, but was just curious if it would work before I actually got it.

The official board answer:

Forum Rules about FCC Regulations

As a community forum we encourage the open discussion of communication related topics. However, any post that advocates, or details usage or modifications that are against FCC guidelines are not allowed. Regardless of how you feel about such guidelines, this is a community rule we had to establish.

We welcome friendly debates as to the merits of such policies, and news related to communications. Post that openly encourage breaking FCC polices or ask others to do so are not allowed. Post that provide instructions on illegal radio modifications and usage are not tolerated.

If the FCC requires a license to operate a radio, then get one. This is the law. We will be more than happy in assisting with questions you may have about obtaining a license or helping business users contact a coordinator service such as http://www.landmobile.com/. Operators outside of the United States are to contact their Regulatory Agency in regards to proper licensing and usage.

Your question leaves allot more question than possible to answer!

Will work for ???

What type of FCC license?? Their are many, some services which do no require formal licensing.

To use to talk …
… around the neighbourhood
… around town
… through a repeater
… for chit chat, community service, emergency service.

Gives us something more to work with here, and maybe we can answer your question with more clarity.

73, Louis

The number of business, outfitters and guide services that operate without commercial FCC licenses in western Wyoming is staggering.

Yes, they will work, but is it right? No.

They will operate fine. Under no circumstances, may you actually use them until you are licensed!!!

Not entirely correct…

You do not need a license to Carry/Listen to a VHF Radio(I’m assuming that is what you have, transmitting at 5 Watts) And you absolutly do not need to have a license to transmit an ‘Emergency Call’. Many climbers, backpackers and adventureseekers carry VHF radio’s for Emergency use(without licensing)… This has been debated many of times, in many of forum’s, and the underlying truth is that you do not need a license to transmit a distress signal…now if you just wanted to use to to talk to your buddies down the street…I would highly suggest you don’t…

a link to a similar case in Oregon…


yes it will work