why was my post deleted?

I was looking for some feedback on some radios I’d purchased that’s all. Why did my post get deleted?

Didn’t mean to post something I wasn’t supposed to, if that’s what happened. :confused::confused:


Your post was deleted yesterday because it contained a link to an ebay auction. We don’t allow links to auctions or other web sites that sell radios for a couple of reasons:

  1. Since this site is sponsored and operated by Buy Two Way Radios, a radio dealer, we do not allow links to competitors.
  2. We have had a few cases of other radio dealers or ebay members making accounts and asking “questions” about their own auctions or products as a disguised way to get traffic to their web site.

I would recommend everyone read through our forum rules.

If your question about radios was legitimate, please re-post your question without the link to the radios. You could simply post the model number and specs here, and that should be enough for someone to offer guidance.

Sorry for the confusion.

ok no problem. Sorry for posting the link, didn’t mean to stir anything up. I will repost my question.

Thanks for the response.