Why are all these police depts going digital??

They have so many problems with it… Alot of times they cant hear each other,the audio is not reliable,etc…

When are they gonna realise that its garbage AND THEY SHOULD GO BACK TO ANALOGUE?

Police depts and EMS service SHOULD ALWAYS BE ANALOGUE where the radio communication is the BEST!!

I tell ya… Digital is horrible and its sad so many ppl have ditched something so beautiful…

Beautiful? eh?

Seriously though. Digital radio is the direction virtually all radio is heading. Some slowly for legacy reasons, but the main problem is in how bad signals work. So many analogue systems have quite poor coverage, well known bad spots where paths are marginal, and in these, as long as the squelch lifts, users become adept at picking out things from the noise. These users one day disconnect their analogue radios attach their new digital ones and then have problems. The bad spots become unusable, and many buy systems where the radios have pretty poor audio quality. The hi-fi brigade were VERY unhappy with low bitrate mp3 streams because they could hear the quality differences. Radio users seem to have accepted a rather poor audio quality meekly. Some brands and systems are quite difficult to understand, by design, it seems!

However - this isn’t really a fault with digital, but in the selection and implementation of a digital service. It means spending more money on more sites and masts, not just swapping radios.

I too think my analogue radios sound and perform better. However, the extra facilities and the ability to keep some of my systems private is a big driver. For the emergency services in the UK, we’ve been digital nationwide for quite a few years now, and our first system is about to be retired. It’s been as you say - patchy and a bit unreliable, but the real reason I suspect is that it is ludicrously expensive to run. Our new emergency service system is going to be piggybacked onto one of our telephone provider’s networks. Still some poor areas of coverage probably, but far, far fewer than on the current digital system. Data and text will work properly, and despite some people being very negative I think it will be fine. Here, everything - fire, police, ambulance is encrypted and has been totally private for a while now. I do know the police here view this as a major advantage over the old widely listened in to system.

Comms will not be going back to analogue. In my own rather rural area, business radio users are switching to digits every time they need to do an upgrade, so a year ago, I had no digital business radio here. Now, new systems come on line weekly. Analogue (sadly or not) is dead!

Ya its sad… Analogue is so much better!!

Im sorry to hear you guys in the UK have this going on also…

People said the same when AM became FM, and digits are here to stay. Life moves on.

Yes sadly mate :frowning:

In the UK, our Police and emergency services all went digital. A mega money system that just ate cash, and was never that good. They’re now going to abandon it and piggy back onto the national 4G phone system, so they get access to all the towers, as mobile phones in general have more reliable service areas than the dedicated emergency radio system. Opinions are split on if this is a good move. Time will tell, I guess.

digital radios make perfectly fine analog fm radios too

thats how I prefer to use mine

I listen to my local digital systems with few issues. I’ve heard local public safety radios and they sound just fine.

A lot of this has to do with interoperability. A networked system can allow agencies to work together easier. Also, spectrum efficiency comes into play.

Remember, they have their comm systems to facilitate their communications. They aren’t there to help us listen to them. We just have to adapt, too.