Who can use Motorola 900 MHz Digital Radios?

Episode 182 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast is out! We talk about radios that operate on 900 MHz frequencies. We’ll learn how they work, the pros and cons of using these radios, and who can legally use them.

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TWRS-182 - Who can use Motorola 900 MHz Digital Radios?

Show Notes:
TWRS-182 - Who can use Motorola 900 MHz Digital Radios? (buytwowayradios.com)

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Another interesting podcast. Thanks guys.

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Great podcast, especially with all my experience with the Motorola DTR/DLR series, plus Motorola and Wouxun business radios and GMRS radios here in Canada.

The DTR/DLR digital radios work very well in buildings for a couple of reasons. One is that the 900 MHz wavelength is a bit smaller than the VHF and UHF waves, so they “fit” easier through windows and doorways. (A bit simplistic of course.) The other reason of course is the high quality of the receiver circuitry in the Motorola radios.

This is why a 1-watt DTR radio can easily out perform a 5-watt VHF outdoors, where VHF is traditionally thought to be better. (I have tested them head-to-head with both VHF and UHF radios, and they are always superior even through vegetation.)

The surprising thing I also found, and have reported in multiple reviews on this forum, is that the DLR with its shorter antenna and smaller form factor, has nearly as much range as the DTR radios.

The issue with the digital radios that people need to be aware is that one must push the PTT and wait for the confirmation tone before speaking. The half second it takes, plus the half second delay with digital radios means that they might not be suitable in areas where an instant safety stop must be called.