Which radio?

I am looking for ten units to use in our child care center. Our building is three stories in an urban setting. We need to communicate center to outside and also with a one mile radius. I’m looking for something that is smaller, pretty sturdy, battery (rechargeable) life to last eight hours, and with a clip. Hope I am making sense… new to this. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

For your situation, I would recommend either the Kenwood TK3230 or the Motorola RDU2020. The TK3230 is a small, light radio but the range is not as good as with the Motorola. You may have some problems getting a mile of range from it when you are inside the building. The Motorola is larger, but is still light because of the lithium battery. It shouldn’t have any trouble providing the range you need.

Motorola CLS1110 Professional UHF 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

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