Which radio for surveillance

I’m needing some help in choosing good radios for surveillance work any suggestions would be good.

They need to:
be portable UHF (430 - 470 Mhz)
have an earpeice adpater
have VOX function
have a voice scrambler or encryption for people ear dropping
have at least 8 hours of operation.

I like the motorola GP340 but doesn’t have voice scrambler or encryption.

any help or suggestions would be great I’ve been looking around but there is just so much radios to change from.


I can recommend the Vertex series. Here is a link to the VX-231. http://www.buytwowayradios.com/products/vertex/vx-231-ag7b.aspx

Thanks for the reply. My license frequencey is 449.00 uhf, it doesnt cover it.

Would have been perfect… What about the ICOM IC-4011. It does not have the voice scrambler that the Vertex has but it does have privacy codes. And it works on 400-470 MHz.

What about the RDU4100/4160 radios by Motorola?

UHF (438 - 470 Mhz) - slightly out of your specs but I doubt you are using the 430-438mhz area.
Has an earpiece adapter - Motorola 2-Pin
Has VOX function (and iVOX when used without headset)
Has 3 different voice scrambler/inversion techniques
Has at least 8 hour operation - actually, up to 26 hours on one charge*

the “privacy codes” do not make the communications private. It is just a subaudible tone the controls the squelch.