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Iam brand new to the hobby so I have been looking at a few radios.Also I have no background in this hobby.At the moment I have a baofeng uv-5r.I have looked at a wouxun 920p and on buy two way radios they have a starter package with a power supply.I have looked at a anytone 5888 I believe is the model looks good.And last but not least a yaesu ft 7900r.I know all radios have good/bad and ugly about them.Out of the three which one sounds like the best buy?And all I ask is please be objective please don’t say the wouxun and anytone are junk.And who has any one of the three.

I’ve had three (and still have two of them) FT-7900R and I love them. I can’t speak to the Wouxun or Anytone mobiles as I’ve never used either. All I can say is that I’ve gotten good service out of the two commercial band Wouxun handhelds I have.

One thing to be aware of if you buy the Wouxun or Anytone. Be very careful of where you get the programming cable and software. There have been many instances of cables with counterfeit chips that don’t work and the software can be a bit dodgy. In any case, I would recommend you buy your cable and software from RT Systems. I’ve been using their products for several years and I have yet to hear a bad review of this company. Just be aware their software works only with their cables.

RT Systems Programming Cable

I ordered the ft 7900 yesterday and purchased the rt systems software to go with it.So I should be ok.

I got the 7900 two days ago used the rt systems cd to program it.Only one thing I tx and it seems that no one can hear me.

If you’re trying to work repeaters, make sure you have the proper PL (CTCSS) code programmed. Most repeaters require the code to open the repeater. The repeater offset should be taken care of by the radio automatically. That function should be activated when the radio comes from the factory.

I put in the right pl and now iam ok.Thanks for the info.


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