which is better, motorola sl300 vs motorola evx 261

I am presently using the EVX261 and thinking about going to the SL300. anybody have any experience…which one performs the best?

The thing to consider is that the SL300 and the EVX-261 are very different beasts. The similarities are that they’re both DMR radios. Bit the similarities pretty much end there.

SL300 is a lightweight radio with an integral basic display - which is actually quite informative. It has a belt holster and a small stubby antenna. But it’s a 3W radio and that limits it’s range.

EVX-261 is a Motorola’s (previously Vertex Standard) entry-level radio. It’s stubby, bulky and clunky. It’s more comparable with the CP200d than the SL300. Nevertheless, this is a great radio for those on a budget.