Which 2way UHF will transmit the furthest, cost under $90

I am in a semi urban/suburban area, and want a radio for communication purposes. I want the radio that will transmit the furthest in these conditions.

I need the price to be under about $95. So the “bubble” fixed antenna radios are my only option.

Do need just one or two radios ?
If you need one to talk to freinds who have radios already, then the Midland
G-11’s I have were purchased separately at around $100 each and have 2 watts power,
and removeable antennas. I can connect them to a magnetic antenna on my truck that gets me out for about four miles. I havent seen any in stock any where but they show up on search for many sites.
If you need two, my Midland GXT 710’s get out for two miles average from a hill top , and further depending on where I am, just make sure you get the ones with the longer antenna. A pair can be had for less than $100.