Where to download Baofeng DM-1702 firmware binaries

Everyone discussing like he tried this, that, those, ANY firmware, but it’s like conspiracy
NO DOWNLOAD LINKS at all, only scam links in google and nothing at all
found only 23 version of firmware from some video on YT.
Some even discussing mysterious firmware “L05.01.005”. What is that? Where can I get it? It literally doesn’t exit anywhere in internet, wasted 2 hours of searching, NOTHING
I need firmware binaries

The only ones I use for Chinese radios I get from the suppliers - as in I drop them an email and say is there a firmware upgrade for XYZ and they respond with yes and a link, or no. That said, the DM1701, 2 DM-X and the 860 I think seem to all be trouble, and the labels on the radios often indicate they are one thing and actually aren’t! Something bizarre happened with that radio series.