where to buy gxt900vp4 ???

I have been looking at the gxt900vp4 for a while and anxiously waiting for them to become available for purchase.
I now see that a few of you have purchased and used them with satisfactory results.

I have been looking as to where to buy them locally, (Orange County, Ca.), and I still can not find them in stock at any local stores, i.e.- Circut City, Bestbuy, Walmart, Fry’s, Toysrus, Target.

I HAVE seen them available on Ebay, but would prefer to buy them at a store locally.

Can anyone here tell me where they can be found at a store, in stock ?
or direct me to some website that may show where there are currently distributed?

Thanks, Ron

The GXT900 is available online from Amazon, which is where I purchased mine.

I also got mine from an online dealer thru amazon. That dealer no longer shows it in stock.

BuyTwoWayRadios.com shows an est. ship date of 8/18

O.K. Guys,
ordered on amazon, and should have them this friday the 8th.
anxiously waiting to get them mounted on the Quads, and hooked up to the helmet speaker/mic sets…

They came today!
charging batt’s now, and will test range in a day or two…

The Midland GXT900VP4’s are in short supply. We’ve received a few hundred sets so far, but that hasn’t been enough to get all of our pre-orders filled. Midland told me today that our remaining order should ship in a day or two, so I expect that later this week all of our pre-orders will be filled and we will have plenty of stock left over.