Whats the record....

…for the longest communication USING VOICE using the lowest power?

Im talking UNDER 1 WATT … A quarter of a watt … I would think if the conditions were right one could talk all around the world on a tenth of a watt!!

Anyway,anyone know the record?? or stats??

the current record for a ham operator listed by the ARRL is for 1 micro watt… it is 1650 miles and it was on the 10 meter band. (28 to 29.7 MHZ)

Wow I assume that was code??

well, i in fact did not check mode… just power, distance and frequency…lots of qrp folks do use CW.

I’ve communicated via satellite with a 5 watt HT from Ohio To Nebraska.

Its amazing how far LOW POWER will go given the right conditions!

I cant stand people on 11 meters who use those AMPS that bleed everything… THEY SOUND LIKE CRAP AND ARE HURTING MANY PEOPLE!!!

They would sound better IF THEY LOWERED THIER POWER!!!