What's happened to MURS radio?

I turn my MURS radio on
Than have it on scan , not very
much traffic on. Just some one keying the mic and not saying any thing has MURS radio gone do I need a bigger antenna for my MURS radio?

I scan the murs band and find very little traffic unless I am next to a Walmart also.

Well who else uses MURS radio besides wallymart

Same thing on my GMRS Radio as well. Set on scan and very little traffic and someone dead keying the mic at times. I use both the HT and a base radio with my antenna 25 feet in the air in the Houston Area.

MURS not as active as our GMRS counterpart here.

Where I’m at the Urban Search And Rescue units uses ch5 154.600 for their training other than that no other traffic heard.
And some group using ch3 151.940 for their weekly roll call.

You would think besides wallymart uses MURS radio
I would think survivalist and security uses murs

In an emergency I would not hesitate to use the MURS frequencies if it means getting help. But I am surprised I don’t hear more traffic on these frequencies.

Ok for those who wants to know what frequency Murs are on are as follows.

Ch1 151.820
Ch2 151.880
Ch3 151.940
Ch4 154.570
Ch5 154.600

If anyone has more to add please do.

Not much on the frequenices not much at all just some fool keying up his mic.

Where I live channel 4 and channel 5 is used by Target and by Walmart and some Sam’s club stores also use them. You hear them very clearly.

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Face it there is nothing happening on MURS seems
Murs radio is dead the only
thing about MURS radio is you
get fm radio and siren and bright
LED light

To answer the original question, nothing happened to MURS radio. It isn’t used for social interaction like CB or ham. It’s generally used for practical and more specific applications, such as small, on-site business comms, intercom systems and personal applications.

It’s not as widely used as FRS, GMRS and CB, which is why some companies use it. Since the MURS frequencies are quieter, it gives them more perceived privacy. In other words, it isn’t really private, it just seems that way because fewer people are on it. Some home security callbox systems use it, primarily for this reason. For example, the Dakota Alert monitoring systems are MURS devices.

MURS is not a hobby radio service. If you purchased a MURS radio for hobby use or social interaction with other MURS users, you’re going to be disappointed, because that’s not how it’s used. When someone goes MURS, they are usually trying to make their business, personal and family communications more private, not to seek out others.

Scanning channels and shout outs to the world are what CB and ham are for. MURS is a totally different kind of radio service.

With a 2 watt power limit you will not find any long range communication on MURS. Designed for short distance only. It does support some nice features though like wide band and voice scrambling.

Oh god business radio
Nothing but hearing people getting fired and corporate
I.hate corporate

That’s kind of the point, isn’t it - people wouldn’t talk to you because for them, the black things with antennas is a work tool, not remotely fun. “size 10, now!” is important to them for their jobs.

MURS frequencies were very active in and around the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC on January 6, 2020. MURS is often preferred by hunters because the signal range of those VHF radios is typically greater than with FRS UHF radios.

I’d say MURS is probably more popular than it has ever been, thanks to a deluge of inexpensive radios now on the market, and the many recommendations online. It’s probably not a service where one would expect to join in on chatter or rag-chewing, which is one reason why many have taken interest in it. A group with MURS radios are not near as likely (at this time) to experience channel overlap with other users as FRS/GMRS, even though there are far fewer channels.